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A new freshman residence hall is slated to open for the fall 2014 semester on the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus. Situated between the Noyes Pavilion and Auke Lake Way, the state of the art facility offers several benefits to new students:

  • The 120-bed, suite-style hall is located directly on-campus, a short walk from dining services, the Egan Library, and the UAS Learning Center and public transportation
  • The residence hall will feature a special group area with an adjoining kitchen for meetings and social gatherings
  • The top floors look out on one of the most spectacular views in the world: Auke Lake, mountains and the Mendenhall glacier

The On Campus Advantage

Beyond simple convenience, students living on campus:

  • Join a community of university residents, faculty and staff, students
  • finish college faster
  • are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures
  • are challenged to develop strong interpersonal skills
  • feel more safe and secure in their living environment


The facility will embody best practices for environmental stewardship, including high levels of thermal insulation, low system operating costs, low maintenance, and healthy indoor materials.

Freshman Housing in the Media & Resources

Freshman Housing FAQs

1. When did construction begin and when will the facility open?

Ground was broken in June 2013.

UAS Freshman Housing will open this fall semester, welcoming new freshman to UAS in August 2014.

2. What are room rates?


2014-2015SemesterMeal PlanTotal/SemesterTotal/
Freshman Residence Hall (shared room)$2,500$1,675$4,175$8,350

For room rates on other on-campus options, visit the housing website.

3. How do I find out about on campus housing in general: options & costs, how to apply... etc?

Please visit the UAS Juneau Housing website for general housing questions that are not specific to the Freshman Housing project.

4. How can I find out more about the construction of the new facility?

Visit the Facilities, Planning & Construction website for additional information on the Freshman Housing project and other projects on campus.