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The mission of the UAS Graduate Studies Program is to help students develop intellectual breadth and the specialized training necessary for careers in teaching, administration, and public policy.

Admission to graduate school is an opportunity; it is also a significant responsibility. Graduate school requires careful planning and a commitment to the study of a chosen discipline or profession. Whether you are pursuing a degree as a requirement for advancement, personal growth, or for other reasons, you can expect a challenging, high quality graduate education at UAS. Upon successful completion of a program, you will be able to demonstrate mastery of your discipline. Appropriate exit requirements allow our students to express the knowledge they have acquired in formats designed for their respective programs.

The problems facing Alaska and the Nation require both knowledge and new ways of using knowledge to meet current challenges. The graduate programs at UAS consist of discipline specific course sequences, seminars, independent studies, and research investigations differing significantly from the undergraduate experience. The intellectual interaction among graduate students and their faculty remains the most significant factor in post-baccalaureate study. Most course work occurs in small classes where graduate students work together to support each other as they participate in intellectual challenges. UAS graduate programs are designed to encourage students to develop and enhance these intellectual opportunities.

Program Assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted on the Program Assessment website.

Master's DegreesDelivery Method
Educational Leadership M.Ed. Juneau, E-Learning,
Elementary Education M.A.T. E-Learning,
Fisheries, M.S. through UAFJuneau,
Learning Design and Technology M.Ed. E-Learning,
Mathematics Education M.Ed. E-Learning,
Public Administration, M.P.A.Juneau, E-Learning,
Reading Specialist M.Ed.E-Learning,
Science Education M.Ed.E-Learning,
Secondary and Middle Grades M.A.T. E-Learning, Juneau,
Special Education M.A.T. E-Learning,
Special Education M.Ed. E-Learning,
Master's DegreesDelivery Method

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