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Make Changes. Get Results.

The UAS Academic Recovery Program is designed to assist students to return to and maintain academic standing. If you are on academic probation, participation in this program is a must! Your academic standing has significant impact on funding for college (now and in the future), living on campus and ultimately, your ability to graduate with a degree.

Students actively engaged in the Academic Recovery Program will complete a self-assessment, meet with an academic advisor, set goals and lay out a plan for academic success. In short, all plans are driven by you, specific to your needs, and your advisor will be there to support you along the way.

Get started!

  1. The first step is to take the self-assessment.
  2. Once completed, make an appointment with your academic advisor. Send your assessment to your advisor in advance of the meeting, or bring the completed document to your appointment. 

If you’re unsure who your advisor is, call (907) 796-6000.

The Academic Recovery Program has six key program components: a syllabus, personal assessment, goal setting exercises, a "toolbox" of resources, identification and referral to university resources and reflection. You will find supporting documents for these components here. Check in with your Academic Recovery Program advisor if you have questions about the documents.


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