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Fall 2019 Welcome Week will be from Thursday, August 22 to Monday, August 26. Required sessions occur on Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24.

Welcome Week is required for all new on-campus, degree-seeking students registered for 12 or more credits. New students who are registered for less than 12 credits are highly encouraged to attend Welcome Week. There are required activities on August 24-25, 2018, with highly recommended activities through the first week of classes. A $100 fee will be charged to students who are required to attend and any other students that choose to join.

Do you want to learn more about all of the great resources UAS has to offer? Check out our New Student Guide, which all Welcome Week attendees will recieve!

UAS New Student Guide

Check out the full schedule of opportunities and requirements below. Plan for full days (8 AM–5 PM).

Fall 2019 Schedule

Housing Move-In August 22
John Pugh Hall and Student Housing Lodge
Housing move-in begins at 9 AM on Thursday, August 23rd. For more information about Housing Move-In, visit the UAS Student Housing Website.
Welcome Barbeque August 22
Student Recreation Center
Join us at the UAS Student Recreation Center for a BBQ! We'll have food, music, and an opportunity to explore the REC Center. This is a great opportunity to get some grub, introduce yourself to others, and if they're along for the ride, show off your new campus community to your family!
New Student Convocation August 23
Egan Library
Join us at the UAS Egan Library for an official welcome to your university. You'll get the opportunity to meet your peers, hear from the UAS Chancellor and Provost, and even engage in some Alaska Native Drumming routines!
Campus Tour August 23
10:45 AM
Egan Classroom Wing
We'll show you around campus so you can find classes, campus resources, and places to spend your time! 
Food with Faculty August 23
12:15 PM
Lakeside Grill
Join us at the Lakeside Grill for a chance to eat and build community, along with meeting some of the on-campus faculty. This is a great opportunity to meet potential professors or ask questions about classes.
Financial Literacy

August 23
1:30 PM
Egan Library

In this session you'll learn about paying for college, personal budgeting, and how to use your meal plan (if you have one!). 
Completion Opportunities August 23
Mourant Courtyard
This is the perfect time to ensure you're all set for classes to start! We'll help you to ensure you're registered, finished with financial aid requirements, and more. We'll also be taking a group photo of all Orientation attendees!
First Year Hall Meeting August 23
Egan 112 Lecture Hall
Required for residents of John Pugh Hall only. Come ready to learn about your in-housing staff and learn the basics of living in a communal environment. This is a great opportunity to connect with housing staff and fellow hallmates.
Our Community August 24
Egan Library
Learn about Social, Personal, and Community Wellness and why it is important. Each individual is a part of building the community we have here at UAS and we want to invite everyone to participate.
Whale Watching August 24
Don Statter Harbor

Join us at the Don Statter Harbor for Whale Watching at 1PM. This is a great opportunity to experience something new, make memories, and build community with your new cohort.  

Escape Rooms August 24
Egan Library
Join us in the Egan Library at 7PM for the Escape Rooms. You will work with others as a team to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape.
Downtown Excursion

August 25
John Pugh Hall and Student Housing Lodge

The Downtown Excursion is a great chance to familiarize yourself with your new community. Enjoy riding the tram to Mount Roberts, exploring shops and museums, and other opportunities.
Walk In Movie August 25
Noyes Pavilion
Join us at the Noyes Pavilion for a movie and snacks. This is an awesome opportunity to meet your peers and relax.
Find Your Way to Class August 26
Campus Courtyard
Staff and Faculty will be available to help you navigate your way around campus during the first day of classes. Look for our tents in the Mourant Courtyard!

What if I cannot attend every session?

We understand that some incoming students may have scheduling conflicts. Your goal should be to attend as much of Welcome Week as possible. There are no separate fees or fee reductions if you can only attend part of the event.

What should I bring?

Orientation is active, so be sure to dress comfortably and wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in. In Southeast Alaska, layers are always recommended.


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