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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The minor in Human Communication is currently not accepting new students pending the outcome of a program review.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours 18
Select two from the following (6 credits)
COMM S111 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3
COMM S235 Small Group Communication & Teambuilding 3
COMM S237 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM S241 Public Speaking 3
COMM S250 Introduction to Human Communication 3
Select three from the following (9 credits)
COMM S320 Argumentation and Debate 3
COMM S330 Intercultural Communication 3
COMM S335 Organizational Communication 3
COMM S346 From Page to Stage: Oral Interpretation 3
COMM S380 Communication Theory 3
COMM S475 Communication in Education & Training 3
COMM S451 Gendered Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM S452 Family Communication 3
COMM S460 Rhetorical Communication 3
Select one from the following (3 credits)
ENGL/COMM S491 Internship 3
ENGL/COMM S494 Practicum 3
HUM S499 Humanities Capstone 3

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