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Degree Programs Offered


The UAS Humanities Department offers degree and certificate programs that link academic study to the multicultural community and the natural environment. Programs in literature and the environment, northwest coast Native art, and theatre take optimum advantage of the local resources. For active students, the outdoor leadership certificate program offers many opportunities for students to interact with the environment. For those who like to travel, the department offers minors in Spanish and French as well as opportunities for overseas study and internships.

The B.A. in Art prepares students for teaching, computer graphics, publicity, video design, studio art, and gallery and museum administration. The B.A. in English and B.L.A. degrees in Language Arts and Communications, General Studies, and Human Communication can lead to careers in teaching, public relations, government, business, campaign coordination, speech writing, and editing books, newspapers, and other publications. In addition, a degree in the humanities prepares students for graduate programs in education, law, government, management, and public administration.


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