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ADF&G Sport Fish is now recruiting 3 seasonal positions working for the Marine Creel Program, from May 7- Sept 3, 2019 (there is some flexibility in the end date, for students returning to school).


Potential candidates should conduct creel interviews of marine boat anglers returning to Juneau area docks, harbors and roadside fisheries.  Using standardized methods, creel technicians collect biological information, collect Coded-Wire-Tag and genetics samples from salmon, and collect fishing effort and harvest information.  These entry-level positions provide a great introduction to basic field work, invaluable work experience, skills at interviewing and interacting with the angling public, and knowledge about locally caught species and area sport fishing.  Classroom and on-the-job training will be provided.  Skills and knowledge learned are useful for a variety of positions in the fisheries field.


Three positions will be hired in the Juneau area.  These are seasonal full time non-permanent positions and are advertised locally through the local Juneau Job Service.  If interested, applications are available at Juneau Job Service, or contact David Love, at 907-465-4318 for more information.



Thanks so much for posting this announcement.  David Love


David Love, Fishery Biologist II

Assistant Area Management Biologist

ADF&G Sportfish Division

PO Box 110024

Juneau, AK 99811-0024

(907) 465-4318 office

(907) 465-4944 fax



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