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Environmental Science and Geology

Friday, March 22, 2019

Fall classes for ENVS and GEOG Majors

Hi All,

It is almost time to register for Fall 2019 classes and to help ENVS and GEOG majors, I have put together a list below with available ENVS, GEOG, BIOL, and GEOL classes and how they would count in the Environmental Science and Geography (BA and BS) majors.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other ENVS/GEOG faculty with questions about classes.



ENVS Classes

1. ENVS/GEOG 338 - Introduction to GIS

                ENVS majors – counts for “Quantitative and Spatial Analysis” credits in the major

                GEOG BS & GEOG BA majors – it is a major requirement


2. ENVS 213 – Natural Hazards


ENVS majors – it counts in “Earth Systems and Climate Change”

GEOG BS majors – it counts for “Earth Systems” credits in the major

GEOG BA majors – it counts for “Earth Systems and Geographic Analysis” credits in the major


3. ENVS 375 - Current Topics: Plastics in the Environment

ENVS majors – It is a major requirement to take one ENVS 375 course. If you have already taken an ENVS 375 course, this course can count as in the “6 additional credits form either concentration” section in the major

                GEOG BS majors – counts for “Earth Systems” credits in the major

                GEOG BA majors – counts for “Earth Systems and Geographic Analysis” credits in the major


4. ENVS 406 – Remote Sensing


ENVS majors – it counts in either the “Forests and Ecosystems” or “Earth Systems and Climate Change” concentration

GEOG BS majors – it counts in “Geographic Analysis”

GEOG BA majors – it counts in the “Earth Systems and Geographic Analysis” section of the degree


GEOG classes

1. GEOG 213 – Natural Hazards (cross listed with ENVS, see above)


2. GEOG 338 – Introduction to GIS (cross listed with ENVS, see above)


3. GEOG 210 – Temperate Rainforest Ecosystems

ENVS majors – counts in “Forests and Ecosystems”

GEOG BS majors – counts in “Earth Systems”

GEOG BA majors – counts in “Earth Systems and Geographic Analysis”


4. GEOG 350 – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change

ENVS Majors – counts in “Earth Systems and Climate Change” or for the 6 additional credits from either concentration

GEOG BS & GEOG BA majors – Counts in “Human-Environment”


5. GEOG 406 – Remote Sensing (cross listed with ENVS, see above)


GEOL classes


1. GEOL 302 – Hydrology


ENVS majors – it is a major requirement

GEOG BS majors – it counts for “Earth Systems” credits in the major

GEOG BA majors – it counts for “Earth Systems and Geographic Analysis” or “Breadth” credits in the major


BIOL classes

1. BIOL 480 – Aquatic Pollution

ENVS Majors – it would count in the “6 additional credits from either concentration”

Eran Hood 11:12:34 AM
Friday, March 22, 2019

Summer Job with ADF&G

Job opening in the Marine Creel program in Juneau. See info below


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Love, David C (DFG) <>
Date: Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 3:56 PM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Job Posting Notice: 3 seasonal short-term non-permanent positions in Juneau area with ADF&G Sport Fish
To: <>



ADF&G Sport Fish is now recruiting 3 seasonal positions working for the Marine Creel Program, from May 7- Sept 3, 2019 (there is some flexibility in the end date, for students returning to school).


Potential candidates should conduct creel interviews of marine boat anglers returning to Juneau area docks, harbors and roadside fisheries.  Using standardized methods, creel technicians collect biological information, collect Coded-Wire-Tag and genetics samples from salmon, and collect fishing effort and harvest information.  These entry-level positions provide a great introduction to basic field work, invaluable work experience, skills at interviewing and interacting with the angling public, and knowledge about locally caught species and area sport fishing.  Classroom and on-the-job training will be provided.  Skills and knowledge learned are useful for a variety of positions in the fisheries field.


Three positions will be hired in the Juneau area.  These are seasonal full time non-permanent positions and are advertised locally through the local Juneau Job Service.  If interested, applications are available at Juneau Job Service, or contact David Love, at 907-465-4318 for more information.



Thanks so much for posting this announcement.  


David Love, Fishery Biologist II

Assistant Area Management Biologist

ADF&G Sportfish Division

PO Box 110024

Juneau, AK 99811-0024

(907) 465-4318 office

(907) 465-4944 fax



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Eran Hood 11:08:51 AM
Thursday, March 07, 2019

Job opening with Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Hi All,

ADEC has a job opening in water quality monitoring in their Anchorage office. See details below.



From: Lomax, Terri J (DEC) 
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2019 12:11 PM
To: DEC Water WQSAR <>
Subject: FW: Anchorage, AK Environmental Program Specialist III (PCN 18-7293)

The EPS III - Water Quality Monitoring Program position is now open for recruitment.  The position is open to all Alaskan residents. Please look it over and forward if you know of interested candidates!


Eran Hood 08:17:15 PM
Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Summer Internship in Haines

HI All,

See below for an internship opportunity in Haines this summer.



Good morning everyone,


Each year, UAS selects one student as a summer intern for the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines, Alaska. This year, our candidate decided to go with another internship so we are actively trying to identify another student applicant. We've had past interns that were biology/marine biology and environmental science majors as well as a BLA student, so any academic discipline is acceptable as they bring valuable contributions to the program. This internship covers the cost of transportation to Haines and back, free housing, and a weekly stipend of $190 to use for food and other expenses. 


Our student intern works with a team of other interns from across the country who each give oral presentations to visitors about the wildlife and flora/fauna in Alaska and also provide husbandry to one of the raptors assigned to them there at the foundation. They are also involved with bird rescues, research, and other wildlife opportunities both in Haines and in the Yukon (on a 2 week rotation). Two of our previous interns were hired on as employees, and two other interns asked if they could return for a second summer! It's a pretty great opportunity...


If you know of any students who might be interested and would represent UAS well, PLEASE send them my way - we need to move quickly on this, unfortunately. 


Thank you so much for any help that you can extend on this!



Deborah Rydman


Eran Hood 09:56:52 AM
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New Weblog Item

Hi All,

Nikki Hinds who is the Assistant Director of the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center sent me some websites that may be of interest to people looking for summer positions. She also provided information about how to transition from seasonal into permanent positions within Federal Agencies. See links in the email below:


Hi Eran,

I enjoyed coming to your class last week.  Below are some links for more information on some of the programs I mentioned.


This is for the Resource Assistant program.  Mobilize Green and Conservation Legacy fall under this.


This is for the hiring authority that allows someone with 24 months of temporary seasonal work to apply for a permanent position.


This is some information regarding the Pathways program which hires current students and recent graduates.


I’m guessing you’ve shared this link but here’s SCA.


Eran Hood 01:32:14 PM

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