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Associate of Applied Science:
Power Technology with an emphasis in Diesel

Degree completers could find employment working with various diesel engine applications such as (but not limited to):

  • Earthmoving companies
  • Power generation plants
  • Trucking fleets
  • Freight handlers
  • State or city maintenance shops
  • Airport maintenance
  • Machinery dealers
  • Mining companies
  • Logging companies
  • Tour bus operations
  • Sand and gravel operations

Associate degree programs are areas of study designed to prepare students academically for admission to a bachelor degree program.

Typically an associate degree program is 60 credits (two years).

Diesel Emphasis

This degree is a vocational training program for men and women interested in securing employment working with various diesel engine applications such as (but not limited to):

  • Charter boats
  • Tour buses
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Cold storage systems
  • Fishing vessels
  • Marine auxiliary systems
  • Transportation systems

Program Assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted on the Program Assessment website.

Degree Requirements (2014-2015 Catalog

Minimum credit hours60
Major Requirements44
DESLS105Diesel Fuel Systems3
DESLS110Diesel Engines6
DESLS121Basic Electrical Systems3
DESLS125Basic Hydraulics3
DESLS130Refrigeration and Air Conditioning2
DESLS180AC Power Generation3
DESLS250Heavy Duty Brakes & CDL Preparation2
DESLS255Heavy Duty Suspension and Alignment2
DESLS260Heavy Duty Power Trains3
DESLS261Marine Auxiliary Systems3
DESLS262Marine Auxiliary Systems Lab2
DESLS263Marine Transmissions3
WELDS120Basic Welding I3
____S__Advisor-approved electives3

Diesel Technology
Technical Education Center 
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, AK

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