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Associate of Applied Science:
Power Technology with an emphasis in Diesel

Degree completers could find employment working with various diesel engine applications such as (but not limited to):

  • Earthmoving companies
  • Power generation plants
  • Trucking fleets
  • Freight handlers
  • State or city maintenance shops
  • Airport maintenance
  • Machinery dealers
  • Mining companies
  • Logging companies
  • Tour bus operations
  • Sand and gravel operations

This degree includes 16 credits of general education requirements and 44 credits of major requirements.

Associate degree programs are areas of study designed to prepare students academically for admission to a bachelor degree program.

Typically an associate degree program is 60 credits (two years).

Diesel Emphasis

This degree is a vocational training program for men and women interested in securing employment working with various diesel engine applications such as (but not limited to):

  • Charter boats
  • Tour buses
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Cold storage systems
  • Fishing vessels
  • Marine auxiliary systems
  • Transportation systems

Program Assessment plans and student learning outcomes are posted on the Program Assessment website.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours63
Major Requirements47

Major Requirements

DESLS102Lubrication, Preventative Maintenance and Inspection2
DESLS107Diesel Fuel Systems4
DESLS110Diesel Engines6
DESLS121Basic Electrical Systems3
DESLS125Basic Hydraulics3
DESLS130Refrigeration and Air Conditioning2
DESLS131Electrical II2
DESLS180AC Power Generation3
DESLS250Heavy Duty Brakes and CDL Preparation2
DESLS255Heavy Duty Suspension and Alignment2
DESLS260Heavy Duty Power Trains3
DESLS261Marine Auxiliary Systems3
DESLS262Marine Auxiliary Systems Lab2
DESLS263Marine Transmissions3
WELDS120Basic Welding3

Diesel Technology
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Technical Education Center 
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, Alaska
Mailstop: TEC1

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