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Power Technology O.E.

with an emphasis in Diesel/Marine Technology

This program is for the student who wants to work in the marine field of diesel powered vessels. The course content covers the different support systems on vessels as well as the diesel engine. All of the classes are at least 50% hands-on which lets the students practice their new skills. UAS has a wide selection of excellent training aids.

Employment possibilities could include:

  • Tour vessels
  • Fish packers
  • Marine generator repair
  • Fishing vessels
  • Charter vessel companies
  • Vessel construction and outfitting
  • Pleasure craft maintenance
  • Work boat maintenance
  • Marine engine dealers
  • Cannery boat mechanic

Occupational endorsements are programs of study designed to give students intensive training in a specific occupational field.

Typically an occupational endorsement is less than 30 credits, and is not an eligible program for financial aid.

Degree Requirements (2015-2016 Catalog)

Minimum Credit Hours28
DESLS110Diesel Engines6
DESLS121Basic Electrical Systems3
DESLS130Refrigeration and Air Conditioning2
DESLS180AC Power Generation3
DESLS261Marine Auxiliary Systems3
DESLS262Marine Auxiliary Systems Lab2
DESLS263Marine Transmissions3
WELDS120Basic Welding3

Diesel Technology
  • 907.796.6571  (Fax)
Technical Education Center 
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, Alaska
Mailstop: TEC1

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