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Task: What To Do

You are going to spend some time exploring what freshwater fish need in order to live, then you will create a presentation that will clearly show what you learned. Your presentation will be engaging, informative and could be persuasive if you choose.

In your presentation, make sure you address these questions:

  • What do fish using freshwater streams need as far as stream habitat and why?
  • What are some of the factors that can be measured to see if a stream is healthy?
  • What factors, human induced or otherwise, can prevent these needs from being met?
  • What role do salmon play in the health of the stream/river system?
  • Why is it important to protect fish habitat?
  • What are watersheds and the water cycle and what do they have to do with healthy fish?
  • When you visited the body of water near your school what did you see and how health do you think the stream or lake was?


You have the choice of format to present your information to the class. You can make an iMovie, a PowerPoint presentation or a Display board and presentation with photos. For details on the requirements for each of these formats go the Evaluation page.



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