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Associate of Applied Science

A.A.S. Nursing through UAA

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Nursing degree program in Southeast Alaska is offered through a partnership between the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) School of Nursing (SON), and local community hospitals. Students interested in the AAS, Nursing degree are able to complete their general education requirements and other pre-requisites at UAS through the Certificate in Pre-Nursing Qualifications (p.88), and can then apply to the UAA AAS, Nursing program. Students who are accepted into the UAA AAS, Nursing degree in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka attend classes at the local UAS campus through video conferencing and e-Learning technologies, and perform clinical rotations at local community hospitals. In the third and fourth semester of the nursing program, students must travel to Anchorage for three weeks at their own expense for additional clinical experience in obstetric, pediatric, psychiatric, and advanced medical/surgical nursing topics.

The outreach delivery program in Juneau accepts eight to ten [8-10] student positions. The application deadline for the next Juneau cohort will be May 1, 2015, and classes will begin Fall 2015.

The outreach delivery program in Ketchikan accepts eight [8] student positions. The application deadline for the next Ketchikan cohort will be July 1, 2015, and classes will begin Spring 2016.

The distance delivery program in Sitka accepts eight [8] student positions. The application deadline for the next Sitka cohort is July 1, 2014, and classes will begin Spring 2015.

Admission Requirements

  • Pre-major Certificate of Admission to University of Alaska AAS, Nursing degree.
  • Official transcripts and evaluations by UAA Admissions.
  • Verification of the required prerequisite courses.
  • ACT, SAT or ACCUPLACER scores or 15 college credits.
  • UAA School of Nursing application, confidential form, and three letters of recommendation.
  • Pre-Admission Examination-Registered Nurse (PAX-RN) scores
  • Evidence of receiving academic advising from a UAA SON nursing advisor.

Candidate Ranking

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (must be 2.0 or higher)
  • PAX-RN: 10% of percentile score. Example: highest possible score of 99% – 9.9 points
Two points each (grade of C or above):
BIOL111Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL112Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
One point each (grade of C or above):
PSY250Lifespan Development3
HS203Science of Nutrition3
ENGL111Methods of Written Communication3
ENGL211 or 212Written Communications3
COMM111, 235, 237 or 241Oral Communications3
SOC___Social Science GER3
______Social Science GER3

One point: Work experience in a certified health related field i.e. CNA, EMT, massage therapist.

One Point: Achieving alternate status in prior ranking at same site. (2 points maximum)

One point: Current LPN license from any state (in addition to a point from the above.)

Associate degree programs are areas of study designed to prepare students academically for admission to a bachelor degree program.

Typically an associate degree program is 60 credits (two years).

Degree Requirements (2013-2014 Catalog)

A total of 70 credits are required for the A.A.S., Nursing degree, including 20 credits at the 200-level (built into the program). These credits are taken in the following areas:

Minimum credit hours70
General Education Requirements15
Written Communication Skills
ENGLS111Methods of Written Communication3
Select one from the following (3 credits):
ENGLS211Intermediate Composition: Writing about Literature3
ENGLS212Technical Report Writing3
Oral Communication Skills3
Select one from the following (3 credits):
COMMS111Fundamental Oral Communication*3
COMMS235Small Group Communication and Team Building3
COMMS237Interpersonal Communication*3
COMMS241Public Speaking3
*Grade C 2.00 or better
Social Science
___S___Advisor-approved GER**3
**PSY S101 is advisable
Other Skills
___S__Advisor-approved GER3-4
*Math 105 is advised as pre-requisite for CHEM 103.
Program Requirements
BIOLS111Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOLS112Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
HSS203Science of Nutrition3
PSYS250Lifespan Development3
Acceptance into the Nursing Major is required before enrollment in the first nursing course, NURS 120/L. The major consists of four clinical semesters.
Nursing Courses37
Semester I
NURSA120Nursing Fundamentals3
NURSA120LNursing Foundations Lab4
Semester II
NURSA125Adult Nursing I3
NURSA125LAdult Nursing I Lab4
NURSA180Basic Nursing Pharmacology3
Semester III
NURSA220Perinatal Nursing2
NURSA220LPerinatal Nursing Lab2
NURSA221Advanced Perenteral Therapy Lab1
NURSA222Pediatric Nursing2
NURSA222LPediatric Nursing Lab2
Semester IV
NURSA225Adult Nursing II3
NURSA225LAdult Nursing II Lab3
NURSA250Psychiatric Nursing2
NURSA250LPsychiatric Nursing Lab2
NURSA255Staff Nurse: Legal, Ethical, and Organizational Issues1
  • Gail Klein
  • Ketchikan Campus
  • Student Services Manager
  • Phone: 228-4508

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