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Each semester there are various scholarship opportunities available for the Certified Nurse Aide Program.

UAS Ketchikan Campus:

  • Up to three 1-credit tuition waivers will be awarded.  Award may be up to $462.00 ($154 per credit awarded).
  • Summer 2012 Scholarship is available.
  • Click here for Scholarship Application.


Ketchikan Pioneers' Home:

  • Summer 2012 Scholarship is available. 
  • Click here for Scholarship Application.
  • Click here for KPH Training Reimbursement Form.  (Additional requirement for scholarship consideration.)

Peace Health (Ketchikan Medical Center):

  • Scholarships are available for Summer CNA Sessions only.  Click here for the summer 2012 scholarship application.

The Ketchikan Pioneers' Home & Peace Health scholarships are not always offered for each Semester. Check website for updated information on these scholarships or call (907) 228-4537 for the latest information.


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