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New Miner - Underground
TitleNew Miner - Underground

Underground Inexperienced New Miner (MSHA Part 48a)

This course, delivered by MSHA approved cooperative instructors provide 32 hours of classroom instruction designed to train and certify persons who work in a n underground mine, engaged in the extraction and production process, who are regularly exposed to mine hazards; or who is a maintenance or service worker employed or contracted by the operator who works frequent or extended periods [MSHA 30 CFR Part 48 Subpart A].

Trainings will be taught at the downtown UAS campus at Technical Education Center (TEC), 1415 Harbor Way in Classroom 113.

Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 25 students.

Dates11-16-2015 - 11-19-2015
Dates12-14-2015 - 12-17-2015
Dates01-09-2017 - 01-12-2017
Dates02-13-2017 - 02-16-2017
Dates03-20-2017 - 03-23-2017
Dates04-24-2017 - 04-27-2017
Dates05-22-2017 - 05-25-2017
Dates06-26-2017 - 06-29-2017

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