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Entry Level Hard Rock Miner Training

student on jackleg

The Entry Level Hard Rock Miner Training is only offered in the fall and spring upon request according to industry demand.

This 5-6 week class prepares inexperienced laborers to enter the mining workforce at an entry level position within the industry.  The goal of this course is to prepare students to be work-ready for employers.  Through a combination of classroom instruction, experience on a state of the art simulator, and hands on lab time at an actual mine site, students will receive training in:

  • MSHA (Surface/Underground)
  • History of mining in Southeast Alaska
  • Environmental responsibilities, policies and practices
  • Basic mining terminology
  • Pre and post shift vehicle inspection
  • Workplace inspection
  • Confined space entry
  • Work environment introduction/materials handling and logistics, underground and surface
  • Hanging utilities, ventilation, fire and gas detection
  • Workplace housekeeping
  • Hand and power tool use, maintenance and safety
  • Rigging
  • Ground control and work practices
  • Mine communication
  • Overall emergency procedures
  • Preparing for work (interviewing techniques, work ethics and teamwork)
  • Underground haul truck operation
  • Underground loader operation
  • Bolter operation

UAS Center for Mine Training
  • 907.796.6571  (Fax)
Technical Education Center 
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, Alaska
Mailstop: TEC1


Nick Rowe 2009 Entry Level Miner class

The Entry Level Miner program gives hope to people like me who have never gone to college but are hard workers.  Because of this training I was able to get a job at the Kensington Mine making a great wage doing something I love.  Throughout the class I felt like the instructors were not just teaching me how to do a job but were preparing me for a career I could have for the rest of my life. 


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