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What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep is a program started by the United States Department of Education. states, local school districts, and post-secondary institutions partner to offer dual-credit courses where high school students can get both post-secondary and high school credit for courses they take while still in high school. At UAS, Tech Prep operates in the following way:

  1. The University of Alaska Southeast and a local school district enters a "Tech Prep" agreement;
  2. The University of Alaska Southeast and a local school district select courses to be taught by qualified school teachers in the school district for both college and high school credit. These are termed "articulation agreements";
  3. Teachers qualified to teach college-level courses are approved by UAS as adjunct faculty. Unapproved teachers cannot teach for college credit;
  4. The school district adopts the UAS curriculum and rigor through an approved syllabus as defined in the articulation agreements;
  5. The school district schedules classes and UAS creates college sections for the students to enroll;
  6. High school students schedule their high school classes as normal;
  7. High School students seeking college credit for the course also register through UAS using the Tech-Prep Enrollment Form;
  8. Students pay the Tech Prep Fee of $25 per credit;
  9. Students complete the class and receive both a university and high school grade upon completion.

What are the restrictions to being in Tech Prep?

  1. Tech Prep students pay a reduced rate of $25 per credit hour for Tech Prep courses;
  2. The reduced Tech prep Fee does not apply to other courses the student may take through UAS outside the Tech Prep program;
  3. Tech Prep students are ineligible to drop or withdraw from tech-prep classes;

Do Tech Prep courses count as regular college classes if I attend UAS?

     Yes. However, these courses may only be electives, depending on your program of study at UAS.

Is there a downside to taking Tech-Prep courses?

  1. Federal Financial Aid requires Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Undergraduate students cannot exceed hours above 150% of their required degree plan at any institution of higher education, to include all registered, earned or attempted hours. In addition, university withdrawal, dropped, duplicated or never completed hours are counted as well as hours earned in the Armed Forces and dual credit programs. 
  2. Any student ruled ineligible is entitled to an appeal whereby the educational institution can determine if extenuating circumstances warrant a waiver of the SAP policy in each case.
  3. To avoid falling into SAP problems, UAS recommends that students consult with UAS Financial Aid and Academic Advisors to focus the courses needed for your career and college goals and limit the potential of SAP issues later in your postsecondary education.

    UAS Academic Advising: 907-796-6000          UAS Financial Aid: 907-796-6255

What programs and classes are offered though my school district?

  1. As required by federal Tech Prep policy, participating districts must articulate programs of study within the 16 Alaska Career Clusters that lead to career and college readiness and not just a random selection of courses with no direction to a career pathway or college readiness. 
  2. You can see what courses are offered by finding the articulation agreements by district by following this link. If your district does not offer a course or program of study you desire, please speak to your principal about adding an offering with UAS.

How can I register for UAS Tech Prep Courses?

Get a course registration form from your Tech Prep instructor. A Replacement form can also be downloaded here: UA Statewide Tech Prep Registration Form


Tech Prep Coordinator: Kimberly Szczatko
Physical Address: Technical Education Center, 1415 Harbor Way, Juneau, AK 99801
Mailing Address: University of Alaska Southeast, 11120 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801

Tech Prep
  • 907-796-6571  (Fax)
Technical Education Center 
1415 Harbor Way
Juneau, AK

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