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Melissa Jensen: 2012 Business Excellence — Two Year Program

Melissa Jensen

Where is your hometown? I grew up in Boise, Idaho, but have spent most of my adult life living in either Juneau, Alaska or Hawaii.  We are a Coast Guard family and we plan to retire in Juneau in about six years.  We own a house there and love everything about Juneau.

What is your major?  I am graduating with an Associates of Applied Science in Business Administration.

Why did you decided to attend UAS? I didn’t attend college right after high school…mostly because I really wasn’t ready…but I always had the desire to eventually attend and earn a degree.  I chose to be a full-time parent while my children were small.  Once our children were all in school, I felt ready to dedicate ALL my free time (and some of my not-so-free time) to gaining an education. 

What is one of your favorite experiences at UAS?  I loved being in the classroom!  The first four semesters of my degree I attended classes on campus, and the final three semesters I had to take online due to an unexpected move.  Although I am very grateful for the tremendous availability of online classes, I found that I really missed the interaction of being on campus and in the classroom.  I love the smaller class sizes UAS offers.  I always felt if I had questions or needed help the professor would know who I was and would be able to help me.  I enjoyed the friendship of many of my classmates as well. 

Plans for after graduation? For the moment, I am taking a short breather from school.  We will be moving again next summer and I would really like to continue on with my bachelor’s degree once I am able to attend classes on a campus again.  Online school is just not the way I learn best.  I have been slowly building my own business and hope to expand my options in the future.  For now, I am filling much of my free time volunteering as the president of a children’s organization near my home in Mililani, HI.   Eventually, when my husband retires from the Coast Guard, we would love to run a bed and breakfast in Juneau.

Hobbies/Interests?  I am working as a freelance photographer and design, create, and sell photography props and other handmade items.  I enjoy reading, hiking, going to the beach, sewing, and being a “cross country/track” mom.

Anyone you would like to thank?  I would like to thank my husband, Darwin, for being so supportive of me and my desire to earn a college degree.  He stepped up to help in every way while I was submersed in textbooks, essays, deadlines, and general craziness.  He did laundry, vacuumed, helped kids with homework, and cheered me on when I was having a hard time.  My four children were also an immense support to me.  They were understanding when I couldn’t be or do everything they were used to and gave me “knuckles” and high fives whenever I got good grades.  

UAS' 2012 Juneau Commencement will be held May 6 at 2:00 p.m. at the UAS Recreation Center.

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