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Committee Purpose & Function

The UAS Chancellorʼs Advisory Committee on Equity & Cultural Safety* is established by the Chancellor to assist the broader university community in identifying and implementing actions that help our university fulfill its mission and to achieve the following goals:

  • support initiatives and training that advance affirmative action goals in recruitment, hiring and retention so that faculty, staff, and administration reflect the populations we serve;
  • work with faculty to incorporate decolonized histories, values, and perspectives in our curriculum, and to protect the cultural safety of members of our campus community
  • assess and report on our progress in achieving these goals and make revised or additional recommendations
  • make recommendations at least annually to the Chancellor about equity & cultural safety

Committee Membership (12 total)

Co-chairs (2018-19 academic year):  Sol Neely (faculty) and Kiwana Affatato  (staff).

  • Faculty Co-chair appointed by Faculty Senate (1): Sol Neely
  • Staff Co-chair appointed by Staff Council (1): Kiwana Affatato
  • UAS Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management (1): Joe Nelson 
  • Faculty Senate appointees (3, one from each campus):
    • Juneau: Lora Vess
    • Ketchikan: Brandon Chapman
    • Sitka: Paul Bahna
  • Staff Council appointees (3, one from each campus):
    • Juneau: Margo Morales
    • Ketchikan: Gwenna Richardson
    • Sitka: Crystal Duncan
  • Student Government appointee (1)
    • Juneau: Calvin Zuelow
  • UAS Disabilities Services (1): Margie Thomson
  • UAS Human Resources Director or designee (ex officio): Gail Cheney

Information and documentation regarding the University's policies on diversity can be found on the Human Resources' Diversity page.

* Formerly the UAS Diversity Action Committee


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