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UAS 2017 Summer in the Rainforest

July 24–August 4, 2017

“Indigenous Arts Embody Living History” —Ernestine Hayes, Alaska State Writer Laureate

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A two-week, two part inaugural event conducted by the University of Alaska Southeast. Take part in writing sessions with Alaska 2017 Writer Laureate Ernestine Hayes, learn about our living history in a catamaran excursion to Berners Bay with elders in our community, examine the history and meaning of formline design, and more!

Scholarships are Available

Please contact Frank Coenraad with any questions.

Professional Development Credit

There are options for teachers to have their experience count towards their professional development requirements — 2 or 4 credits, see our course registration page for more details.

Week 1: July 24–29

Theme: Teachers as Artists; Artists as Teachers

Teachers: Basic & Beyond Arts Institute

During the first week, participants will work with teacher-leaders to learn how to apply brain research into their classroom practice and understand how the arts increase student engagement and achievement. Participants will experience various art forms and explore activities that they can use to integrate the visual and performing arts into their classrooms/curriculums. Participants will begin work on a final project–a detailed lesson plan that is part of a larger instructional unit that integrates the arts and reflects the use of local indigenous knowledge and art forms in K-12 classrooms. These will be completed, with on-going assistance, during the second week of the institute.

More information is available on the Alaska Arts Education Consortium website, or contact Barbara Short ( with any questions.

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Artists: Teaching Artists Academy

During this workshop series artists learn how to work effectively with students of all ages in varied settings in Juneau and, potentially, elsewhere in Alaska. Each workshop features expert teachers, administrators, and consultants who share knowledge, skills, and techniques. Topics include:

  • Current brain research on why the arts are important, and how they tap into brain functioning like no other discipline
  • Preparing a lesson plan
  • Integrating the school’s curriculum and the Alaska education standards
  • Engaging and managing a classroom full of students
  • Effectively communicating with the schools before, during, and after a residency

Participants are invited to take the Berner's Bay catamaran excursion as part of the Teaching Artists Academy.

More information is available on the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council website, or contact Jen LaRoe ( with any questions.

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Week 2: July 30–August 4

Theme: Indigenous Arts Embody Living History

UAS Indigenous Arts Institute

Participants in the Indigenous Arts Institute will recognize that individual lives create living history. During this second week of the UAS 2017 Summer in the Rainforest event, workshop lead instructors will give participants a meaningful understanding and deep respect for the importance of place. They will begin their exploration on the first day by taking a catamaran excursion through Auke Bay to Berners Bay with community elders. In subsequent days they will experience the uniqueness offered here in the heart of Auk K’waan, by participating in various indigenous arts workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to produce an individual piece of visual art or written expression as a culminating project.

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On Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available to participants for both weeks of the program. Please see the Juneau Campus Housing website for more information and registration.