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Why give to UAS through Pick.Click.Give?

When you make a donation from your PFD through Pick.Click.Give., you can make an impact by sharing just a little with a cause you care about.  Contributions received through the Pick.Click.Give. program are restricted by the campus you choose (Juneau , Ketchikan or Sitka) and are automatically deposited into that campus’ General Support Fund and are used for the areas of greatest need for students as determined by the Chancellor or Campus Director. 

Double the Impact of Your Donation! 

ExxonMobil has generously offered an amazing matching gift to encourage donations to Alaska colleges and universities during the 2015 Pick.Click.Give campaign through Permanent Fund applications. Every contribution to any of the campuses of the University of Alaska will be matched one-to-one up to $50,000.  

The University of Alaska is important to Alaska’s future economic development. Through partnerships with business and industry, UAS is able to focus its highest priority initiatives in response to Southeast Alaska’s employment and job training needs.

Statistics show that the more education an individual receives, the less money the government will spend on welfare, unemployment, child support enforcement, incarceration, health care and other social services. Furthermore, the more likely that person is to vote, be active in their community, and contribute to charities.

A strong university brings more to our community than opportunities for higher education and professional advancement. Nationwide, our country’s colleges and universities are centers for the arts and scientific research. These programs enrich our lives and strengthen our community, while attracting new businesses to invest in our local economy.

You can apply for your PFD from January 1 through March 31.  Please consider a gift to UAS through Pick.Click.Give this year.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.



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