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Diane Meador , B.S. , M.A. , Ph.D.

Manager, Institutional Effectiveness 
Institutional Research




BS, Computer Science, 1984, Washington State University.

MA, Anthropology, 1990, Washington State University. Thesis: "Automated, Dialect-Independent Phoneme Detection and Word Recognition".

PhD, Linguistics, 1996. University of Arizona. Dissertation: "The Minimal Word Hypothesis: A Speech Segmentation Strategy".

Post-doctoral fellowship, second language acquisition, 1996-1997, University of Alabama - Birmingham.


Past research included speech perception and production, theoretical phonology, artificial neural networks, and second language acquisition.


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  • 2000. MacKay, I. R. A., D. Meador, and J. E. Flege. “The identification of English consonants by native speakers of Italian.” Phonetica, 22-45.
  • 2000. Meador, D., J. E. Flege, and I. R. A. MacKay. “Factors affecting the recognition of words in a second language.” Bilingualism, 3(1):55-67.
  • 1999 Flege, J. E., I. R. A. MacKay, and D. Meador. “Native Italian speakers’ perception and production of English vowels.” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 10:2973-2987.
  • 1999. Piske, T., J. E. Flege, I. R. A MacKay, and D. Meador. “Non-natives’ production of vowels in conversational speech.” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 107.
  • 1997. Flege, J. E., D. Meador, and I. R. A. MacKay. “Nonnative speech perception in noise and in quiet.” International Conference on Speech Perception by Non-Native Listeners

Courses Taught:

Courses taught in the past include Introductory Anthropology, Introductory Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Art in Society, Phonology, Sailing Certification. 


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