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Courses Taught:

  • Avalanche Evaluation & Theory Level I (ODS 118)
  • Avalanche Evaluation & Theory Level II (ODS 218)


Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center director Bill Glude has been studying snow seriously for over 30 years. His avalanche study began with practical, academic, and field studies under avalanche pioneer Ed LaChapelle at the University of Washington in the late sixties. He has been teaching avalanche courses since 1978, including fulltime teaching for the Alaska Avalanche School and the Alaska Mountain Safety Center through the 1980s. With Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center, he has taught over 4,000 students throughout Southeast Alaska and beyond since 1995. He has initiated a number of research projects with his students. He keeps a sharp edge on his skills with consulting projects involving avalanche forecasting, training, and hazard evaluation.


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