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    Program Benefits

    Program Benefits to Participant

    • Students have the support of a professional graduate cohort throughout the learning experience.
    • Students become eligible for loan forgiveness upon meeting all terms of the degree program and secure employment in an Alaska school district.
    • Students in the MAT IAS cohort receive two years of induction services and teacher support including participation in the Alaska Statewide Teacher Mentor Project, cultural resources and training from Sealaska Heritage Institute, and assistance with job search and teacher placement
    • Students in the MEd Leadership IAS cohort receive two years of induction services, membership in Alaska’s school administrator professional development network, attendance at an annual Alaska principals’ conference, cultural training and resources from Sealaska Heritage Institute, print materials from the Alaska Native Knowledge Network, and assistance with job search, if needed

    Program Benefits to Districts

    • Data shows that educators from Alaska provide more service to districts, along with a correlation between teacher longevity and student achievement
    • Indigenous educators enrich both their teacher education programs and their classrooms
    • IAS provides financial support for student participation in the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project, which is shown to increase retention of new teachers by approximately 10% and leads to greater professional efficacy and student achievement gains.
    • Participating districts benefit from hosting graduate students with cultural knowledge, skills, and resources