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Endorsement Area in Distance Teaching and e-Learning

In order to help meet Alaska’s K-12 schools need for teachers who are proficient in distance delivery and e-learning, the University of Alaska Southeast’s School of Education offers coursework leading to an endorsement in Distance Teaching and E-Learning.  It provides opportunities for educators to develop advanced competencies in designing, delivering and managing effective online instruction for virtual school contexts. These 18 credits lead to advanced knowledge and skills that will help educators meet Alaska’s demand for distance delivered e-learning options.

Course of Study (18 credits):

SubjectCourse TitleCredits
EDET  628Technology in Instructional Design 3
EDET  674 Virtual Teaching and Learning3
EDET  694 Practicum in Virtual Teaching and Learning3
EDET  637Differentiating Instruction through Instructional Design3

* EDET 637 or any other approved EDET course would satisfy this 3 credit requirement.

Professional Development Courses:

ED 593           Topics to be approved         * 6 credits

* To be approved by UAS Program Coordinator and Dean of Education and Graduate Studies.


  • Lee Graham
  • Associate Professor of Education
  • Phone: 796-6047

Applying to the Distance Teaching & e-Learning Endorsement Area

Admission Requirements:

  1. Admission Checklist (.doc)
  2. Request for Admission (.doc)
  3. Official Bachelor's Degree Transcript
    • GPA of 3.0 or higher to be fully admitted.
    • If lower, advisor may choose to admit with provisions.
    • Transcripts from UAA, UAF, or UAS are not required to be submitted.
  4. Statement of Professional Goals and Objectives.  

Please submit the above documents to the School of Education Student Services Assistant.  

Or mail to: 

Student Services Assistant

UAS, School of Education

11120 Glacier Hwy, HA 2

Juneau, Alaska 99801

If you have specific e-Learning Endorsement Area questions please contact Dr. Graham directly.  



All education programs through the School of Education at University of Alaska Southeast are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, a performance-based teacher accrediting body for schools, colleges, and departments of education recognized by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


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