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Teach Away!

Depending on your interest, time frame and desired location, there is an international teaching opportunity for you. Through our UAS study abroad affiliations, faculty may teach abroad through an established program provider with an already established base program or create a short-term/custom designed program to be supported by a program provider. Advanced planning is the key.

AHA-International Northwest Council on Study Abroad (NCSA)

AHA-International's Northwest Council on Study Abroad offers teaching opportunities to you, our valued and adventurous UAS faculty! These highly competitive positions require extensive planning with applications due a year in advance. As a participating faculty, you will need to prepare and teach one or two courses based on the guidelines created for that country. Please take the time to research site program specifics by visiting the AHA-Intl. Northwest Partners web site.

Robin Walz: UAS History faculty teaching in France through AHA-International

A wonderful option to work with students in a new environment. Beautiful living arrangement. Great research opportunity.

To apply for a faculty exchange, please request a NCSA Application from Marsha Squires in the Academic Exchange and Study Abroad office.

Teaching opportunities through AHA-International are available in the following locations:

Ghana, Accra Argentina, Rosario Austria, Vienna England, London
France, Angers Greece, Athens Italy, Macerata Italy, Siena
Mexico, Morelia Spain, Oviedo Spain, Segovia  

UAS has proudly supported faculty Sue Koester, and Robin Walz and Nina Chordas in their past teaching endeavors with AHA-International in London and Angers, respectfully. If you are interested in learning more about the application process, they would be happy to share their knowledge and expertise.


GlobaLinks, the leading study abroad provider to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia, supports your academic and cultural goals and wants to assist you with a custom designed short term course. Through the flexibility of GlobaLinks’s short course model, you determine the length and time of year for the program (summer or J-term), set a desired price range, and select suitable accommodations. The amount of assistance from GlobaLinks is up to you.

To learn more about Custom Designed Short Courses visit the GlobaLinks web site.

Semester At Sea

Travel around the world while teaching with the Semester At Sea program. The program takes a cruise ship and turns it into a floating university with 600-700 students and 18-25 faculty members. You will teach three courses for the semester program or two courses for the summer program. You are required to teach while the ship is at sea, but when the ship is docked you are free to explore on your own! It’s a great way to travel the world and teach at the same time! Please visit their web site to learn more about how to apply at Semester at Sea.


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