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I've been placed! What are the next steps?

  • Sign the Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) immediately. Once the PAF is received by the UAS NSE coordinator, correspondence will begin via email
  • Meet with your home campus advisor regarding course selection at UAS
  • Complete the course registration process at UAS within the first  month of placement
  • Work with UAS Housing to secure housing request (Deadlines July1 and Nov. 15)
  • Log on to UAS ELMO
  • Sign up for Orientation
  • Secure travel plans and share itinerary with UAS NSE Coordinator in order to arrange airport pick up
  • Pack lightly

Valuable Tips from former exchange students


  • Take courses unique to the area.
  • The PE/ODS courses are more than worth the time and money.
  • Biology students: sign up for Biology courses right away. They fill quickly.
  • The Env. Sci. courses that took place on the glacier were excellent!
  • Humanities course (fall semester) went to the Haines Eagle Festival. Awesome!


  • If you're attached to your outdoor gear, bring it and don't bother with anything else.
  • Leave those pretty shoes behind. Rubber boots and sneakers can be worn almost all semester.
  • Bring as little clothing as possible, but bring clothing to keep you warm and dry.
  • Less cold weather snow gear, more rain gear and layers.


  • Don't expect your cell phone to work (ATT was ok. Verizon is terrible).


  • Get used to public transportation, you'll gain patience.
  • Would have been nice to have a car but there are other means to get around.

Weather and Environment

  • It will change! It just might not change when you want it to.
  • Thank goodness for digital cameras. I took more beautiful photos than I thought possible!
  • Get outside and do things. It made all the difference in my experience.
  • Invest in good rain gear and Xtra-Tufs (a rubber boot found in Juneau).
  • Awesome location for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts!


  • Get involved early in your exchange: there's so much to do and see!
  • Marsha's homecooked meals are delicious.
  • Check out what the Recreation Center has to offer.
Kelly Larson: NSE participant from Iowa State Univeristy

'I accepted my placement through NSE. Now what do I do? '

Kelly Larson: NSE participant from Iowa State Univeristy

Fall 2014

  • Housing Move-in: August 27
  • Orientation: August 28 and 29
  • First Day of Classes: September 2
  • Finals: December 8 - 13
  • Housing Move-out: December 13
  • Campus Closure: December 23 through January 6

Spring 2015

  • Housing Move-in: January 8
  • Orientation: January 9
  • First Day of Classes: January 12
  • Spring Break: March 16 - 22
  • Finals: April 27 - May 2
  • Housing Move-out: May 2
Acacia Edmiston: NSE participant from Univ. of Tenn. (in the ODS program)

'My experience while on exchange was wonderful to say the least. I have learned so much about myself and my individual strengths on this journey. I have become surer of myself and my ability to overcome challenging situations, and have simply gained countless life experiences. I can't explain how much pride I feel...this has been one of the greatest years of my life.'

Acacia Edmiston: NSE participant from Univ. of Tenn. (in the ODS program)

Course Selection

The course schedule is available online early-April for fall semester and mid-November for spring semester. Be sure to utilize the course schedule NOT the academic course catalog to plan your class load. Many of our courses are only available during the spring or fall, which is not reflected in the catalog.

When selecting courses be sure to register for at least 12 credits, the minimum for a full time student. Please be very careful to check time and day conflicts, and review course descriptions and prerequisites.

It is important to select the sections with a "J" indicator as this refers to Juneau courses. Sections with a "S" or a "K" refer to southeast campuses in Sitka and Ketchikan which are not accessible. Also, a Juneau course with a JD section refers to a distance or e-learning course which is not recommended for exchange students.

An official transcript will be requested along with your social security number to complete the registration process.

Because you are here to experience Alaska and UAS, it is highly recommended that you consider an outdoor course. There are many to choose from including sea kayaking, backpacking, ice climbing and avalanche theory. These classes tend to be highlights of the exchange experience and add depth to your personal experience.

Note: For those who are interested in the Outdoor Leadership and Studies (ODS) certificate program, please note that you must be accepted to the UAS ODS program and go through the UAS admission process.


Once you have selected your course load for the semester and double checked for day and time conflicts, scan your course registration form and email your requests to

It is up to you to have your courses approved by your home campus to ensure how they will transfer back to your home institution.

Naomi Judd: NSE participate to UAS

'Taking classes that weren't available to me at my home campus has enriched my program like chocolate syrup on a sundae.'

Naomi Judd: NSE participate to UAS

Home, sweet home!


The housing application is available online. Please be sure complete and sign all forms and include immunization requirements and deposit. Single housing apartments can only be guaranteed to NSE students if documentation and deposit are submitted by July 1 for fall semester and full year exchanges, and November 15 for spring semester exchanges.

Our Backyard

Southeast Alaska is a temperate rainforest. Be prepared for wet, cloudy days. Temperatures range between 20 and 60 degrees throughout the year. Obviously there will be colder and warmer days, but the majority of your time here will require long sleeves, pants and waterproof shoes. Many students come to Alaska for the "wilderness adventure." UAS welcomes your curiosity yet also cautions when you do go out to play, plan ahead, be safe and bring a friend.

Peter Flynn: NSE participant from Johnson State College  -  Akos Kiss: ISEP participant from Budapes, Hungary

'This expereince was beyond my expectations. The environment was spectacular and rich, my friendships were fresh and exciting, and the memories I made were of a lifetime.'

Peter Flynn: NSE participant from Johnson State College - Akos Kiss: ISEP participant from Budapes, Hungary


We want to welcome you to UAS and prepare you for a successful exchange! So plan ahead and be here for the New Student Orientation. You will learn about the campus and its community, the town of Juneau and its people, and begin to create friendships with other students, staff and faculty! Orientation was created specifically with you, the exchange student, in mind.

It's important! It's mandatory! It's fun! To register and obtain more information visit the Orientation website.

Incoming exchange students enjoying the whale watching trip during fall orientation.  Emily Frederick: NSE participant from Univeristy of Rhode Island (top row 2nd from right)

'Orientation was a great way to meet new friends, see a bit of Juneau and gain more insight to the semester ahead.'

Incoming exchange students enjoying the whale watching trip during fall orientation. Emily Frederick: NSE participant from Univeristy of Rhode Island (top row 2nd from right)

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