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The University of Alaska Southeast is pleased to host minors in our classrooms and on our campuses, and holds the protection and safety of minors in high priority. We are committed to providing every employee with training to ensure the protection of minors who access our campuses and services. Training requirements and additional information about protection of minors can be found in the [University of Alaska Board of Regents Protection of Minors Regulation} or below in FAQs. 

If you are interested indeveloping a program, activity, or camp involving minors, there are additional requirements outlined in regulation or on this website. 

For more information, see our FAWs or contract Dan Garcia, UAS Health and Safety Manager at 907-796-6077 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Awareness Training is required for everyone. Currently UAS is using United Educators as a resource for Awareness Training.

If you work with minors for your job at UAS you may need a background check if you are alone with minors or they are under your care, custody, or control. If you have been doing these tasks in the past and have not had a background check, you will need to have one completed before you continue your work with minors.


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