Ketchikan CHARR Education Fund, Inc.

Category: Miscellaneous
Included in Application: None
Link: /financial_aid/scholarships/files/ketchikan/docs/CHARR Education Fund app 2015.pdf
Application deadline: 04-10-2015
Description: We appreciate your interest in the Ketchikan CHARR Education Fund, Inc. scholarship program sponsored by the King Salmon Derby, and the Ketchikan CHARR Spring Wine Tasting and Summer Beer Festival. The Ketchikan CHARR Education Fund will award one or more scholarships this year (2015). The funds are to be used to defray the cost of textbooks and tuition in an accredited university, college, or post-secondary vocation school within the State of Alaska. Upon confirmation of the recipient’s enrollment by a qualified school, the scholarship funds will be sent directly to the institution as a credit for the recipient in the current academic year.
Requirements: 1) Applicant must be a current resident of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough or the Metlakatla Indian Community; 2) Applicant must be accepted for admission to an accredited university, college, or post-secondary vocational school within the state of Alaska; 3) Preference may be given to students, or to students of parents, who have or are currently working in caberets, hotels, restaurants, and retailers of the licensed beverage industry or a similar field.