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This page lists the computer models centrally managed by the IT Services department. "Centrally Managed" means that these are the only models for which we can provide the UAS version of Windows, also known as the "Staff Build". Having the Staff Build on a centrally managed computer ensures you will have reliable access to UAS network resources and a consistent support environment. This translates to more reliable and faster service for you.

Please read the below information carefully before making a new purchase or replacement request. 

Replacement Program 

This page contains a schedule for the Replacement Computers Program.  Replacement computers classified as Outdated on this list are eligible for replacement with a current model. Replacement requests can be made with this form.

Departmental Purchases

There are situations that require departments to purchase additional computers. To be eligible for the UAS Staff Build and the full technical support of the Helpdesk, new purchases be one of the models listed below.  


New Purchases

Vostro 470

Type: Desktop

Model: Optiplex 3020

Current Until: 2017

Specs Sheet

Role: Standard Desktop

Ordering Information

Lattitude E5430

Type: Laptop

Model: Latitude E5440

Current Until: 2018

Specs Sheet

Role: Standard Laptop (14-inch screen)

Note: This computer is recommended
to replace current desktop models. 

Ordering Information

New Purchases

Type Model Current Until Role
Laptop Latitude E5440 2018 Desktop Replacement
Desktop Optiplex 3020 2017 Desktop Workstation

Current Equipment

Type Model Current until
Desktop Vostro 470 2017
Laptop Latitude E5430 2017
Desktop Vostro 260 2016
Laptop Latitude E5420 2016
Laptop Latitude E5520 2016
Light Laptop Vostro V130 2016

Outdated Equipment (replace)

Type Model Remediation
Desktop Vostro 230 Replace
Light Laptop Vostro 3400 Replace
Laptop Latitude E5410 Replace
Laptop Latitude E5400 Replace
Laptop Latitude E5500 Replace
Laptop Latitude E6500 Replace
Laptop Latitude E4300 Replace
Laptop Latitude D630 Replace
Laptop Latitude D820 Replace
Desktop Optiplex 755 Replace
Desktop Optiplex 760 Replace
Desktop Optiplex 780 Replace
Desktop Vostro 220 Replace
Laptop Vostro 1320 Replace
Laptop Vostro 1510 Replace
Laptop Vostro 1520 Replace
Laptop Latitude D620 Replace
Desktop Optiplex 745 Replace
Desktop Optiplex GX620 Replace
Desktop Optiplex GX240 Replace
Desktop Optiplex GX260 Replace
Desktop Optiplex GX270 Replace
Desktop Optiplex GX280 Replace
Laptop Inspiron 1100 Replace
Laptop Inspiron 1150 Replace
Laptop Inspiron 2200 Replace
Laptop Inspiron 5160 Replace
Laptop Inspiron 600m Replace
Laptop Inspiron 700m Replace
Laptop Inspiron 9300 Replace
Laptop Latitude C600 Replace
Laptop Latitude C610 Replace
Laptop Latitude C640 Replace
Laptop Latitude D520 Replace
Laptop Latitude D530 Replace
Laptop Latitude D600 Replace
Laptop Latitude D610 Replace
Laptop Latitude D810 Replace

last updated 3/4/2015


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