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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows a network user to access network resources from a separate ISP. In the UAS environment, this means that you can access many campus resources from home, without having a UA internet connection.

VPN Uses

Once connected to the UAS VPN connection, your computer will behave as though it were connected through the wireless network on campus. You can connect to:

  • Fileshare Access
  • Campus Printing
  • Keyed Software

Connecting to VPN

To connect to the UAS VPN Service, please use your UA username and password for downloading the installer. For login help, visit ELMO.

PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, 64-bit)

PC (Windows XP through Windows 8, 32-bit)


After downloading the PC installer from the Overview tab, double click on the downloaded installer. Click Next.


Click “Yes” at the License Agreement screen.

License Confirm

Click “Next” at the Install Destination Screen.

Install Destination 

Click “Next” on the Start Menu Group Screen.

Start Menu Group 

Wait for the Installer to run.

Install Progress 

Click “Finish” after closing any open programs and saving your work, so that the computer can restart.

Finish Restart 

Open the VPN Client from the start menu.

Start > Programs > VPN Client

Go to Connection Entries and choose Import…

Connection > Import Settings 

Locate UAS.pcf, click “Open”.

Choose UAS.pcf 

Click “OK” in response to the confirmation message.

Import Confirm 

Click connect.

Click Connect 

Enter your UAS username and password and click “OK”.


You’ll see an icon in the lower corner of your screen indicating you’re connected.


1. Error 403: VPN connection terminated locally by the Client.

In this situation, you may see an error message similar to "VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client. Reason 403: Unable to contact the security gateway."

This error is most commonly caused by the use of an incorrect or expired password.

Try logging into another UAS tool such as webmail or UAS Online - if your password works in these locations, try the VPN again.

If none of these locations work, use ELMO to reset your password.

2. Error 427: Unknown Error Occurred at Peer.

Though there are some explanations that this error may be linked to the existence of multiple styles of network connections, in our case, it is commonly that a password has expired. Please update your password at ELMO and try connecting again.

3. I successfully connected, but the connection periodically drops.

There are a number of places you can check to try to track down this issue. First, verify that the computer did not go into standby or hibernate. These can interrupt your network connection when the VPN client expects a constant link to the VPN server.

If wireless is in use, perhaps you have moved to (or are in) a location with low or nonexistent wireless signal, and the VPN might have dropped as a result. Further, it's possible a bad network cable or problem with the router or Internet connection could have caused this drop.

4. How do I map to my drive on Mac OS X?

This describes how to map your Z: drive or your campus fileshare on your Apple OS X machine. Mapping your account (also known as UASHome directory) allows you to access any files that you have stored in the UASHome Docs folder.

In the Finder, click on the Go menu, select Connect to Server.

Mac Connect Menu

To connect to your UASHome directory (aka: Z: drive):
  • In the Address field, type in smb://uashome/users$/username, then click Connect
  • Note: replace "username" with your campus username (ex: jscjb9, jncjb, cjbennett)
To connect to your department shared drive:
  • In the Address field, type in smb://jun-campusfs01/shared_drive_name$, then click Connect
  • Note: replace "shared_drive_name" with your departmental share (its, admissions, etc)

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