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Advanced Configuration Tools

The Advanced Configuration tools are used to modify the appearance of the UAS Online site

1. The Custom Color Scheme section of the dialog box is used to modify the colors of the site elements. The figure below gives a brief description of the effect of each entry.

Advanced Configuration

Needs Update: The colors can be adjusted using color names, the hexadecimal RGB mixes for the colors, or the new color picker tool. For a listing of color names and their corresponding hex codes, Click Here. Enter your choices by changing the name or hexadecimal numbers in the desired text box and click on the Save Colors button. The colors that were chosen will now be shown. To use the new color picker click on the link name for the object whose color you wish to change. This will open the color picker dialog box seen to the left. To select a color click on it in the square on the left hand side of the color picker and then click the save button and the color picker will close . If you don't see a range of colors you like, click on the column to the right. The colors in the square will change. In both cases a white marker shows the color or range currently selected. To revert back to the original colors, click on the Select default settings button and the site will return to the original color scheme.

Color Picker Basic

Needs Update

Color Picker Advanced

2. The second section sets the base font used for the site. Enter a font in the textbox and click on the Save Changes button. You may use only fonts which have been loaded to the Windows font list. If the font is not available on the machine being used to view the site, the default font will be used.

Custom Font

3. Needs Update:

Optional Background Image

4. Needs Update

Custom Homesite Layout

5.The Custom Site section provides the ability to enter URL's for custom Homesites and Splash Pages. Enter a URL for your site in the desired textbox and click on the Save Changes button.

Custom Site

6. Needs Hyperlink Update:The Multiple Homesite Views section provides the ability to create multiple views of the course homesite. CLICK HERE for instructions about using the views feature in UASOnline.

Multiple Homesite Views


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