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Creating Essays

The essay creation tool in UAS Online is accessed by clicking on the Essay Library tab on the Assignments home page. Clicking on the tab displays the library with a list of essays that have been created for the course as shown below.

Essay Library Tab

Links below the essay name allow you to perform tasks on the essay:

Post- This link posts the essay to the assignment section of the course homesite.

Report- Creates a list of anyone who has taken the essay, their answers to the questions, and their score.

Evaluate- Allows the instructor to critique the essay by placing comments which can be viewed by the student.

Post Results- Posts the results of the essay by placing a link in the Assignments block on the homesite.

Test- Allows the instructor to take the essay to be sure it is working properly.

Delete- Deletes the essay from the essay library.

Creating a New Essay

To create a new essay, Click on the "Add New Essay" button. This will open the Essay Settings dialog box shown below.

Essay Settings

Follow the instructions in the Essay Settings dialog box to set up your essay:

1. In the settings dialog box, enter a name for the essay.

2. The "Limit participation to" settings control access to the essay. Access can be limited to students in the class roster, students in the class list, or anyone with a UAS account.

3. In the next setting, use the drop down menu to select a grade book item to link the essay to. The item must be created prior to creation of the essay.

4. The radio buttons below the the grade book drop down menu are used to control student's ability to view the answers of their peers. Enabling shared answers will allow students to view other responses after they have submitted their answer.

5. Finally, there is a textbox where you can enter comments or instructions. Objects such as images can also be added to any textbox using HTML, the Upload Item link, or the WYSIWYG Editor.

Creating Questions

Below the Essay Settings area you will find the Question Entry area. Use the Edit buttons to create a question. 

Entering and Editing Questions

A dialog box for the question will appear where you can enter text.

Creating Essay Questions

The lower text box allows you to provide an optional model answer or response. When an entry is made in the lower text box, it enables a feature allowing the student to make comments after seeing the model answer.

Once you have completed the question and optional model response, click on "Save Settings" button.  Continue adding questions and model responses, clicking on the Save Settings button after entering each question.

Editing Questions

1. To edit an existing essay click on the essay's link in the essay library. Dialog boxes for existing questions appear below the Essay Settings area. You can make changes to existing questions and add new questions in the same manner in which you created them.

Essays Edit

2. When you are finished use the "Test" link to check that the questions will appear and function as you intend.

When all questions have been entered and saved, click on the Essay Library link located in the upper right hand corner of the Essay Settings dialog box.


Essay Library Link

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