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Creating and Editing Quiz Questions

To edit or create quiz questions, you must first access the question bank by clicking on the link located in the upper right hand corner of the quiz settings dialog box.

Question Bank Link

Question Bank

When entering the question bank initially, there are three options.

  1. Add a new question by creating it directly in UAS Online.
  2. Import the questions by a delimited text file.
  3. Copy a question from an existing UAS Online quiz.

Add New Question

Types of Questions

Three types of questions can be created using the UAS Online quiz tool.

  1. True/False
  2. Multiple Choice- Student has to choose one of the correct answers.
  3. Multiple Answer- Student must select all of the correct answers.

Click on the Add button to begin creating the question and the dialog box shown below opens.

Types of Questions

Enter the question in the text box located at the top of the question dialog box. As with any textbox in UAS Online, you may insert images, documents, and other files with the WYSIWYG editor (pronounced "wizzy wig") and/or the Add Attachment feature. Click here for an overview of the WYSIWYG editor. For more information on Adding Attachments see the tutorial.

The next text boxes are optional. They allow the instructor to enter a message to display after a correct response. The final text box at the bottom allows the entry of a message for an incorrect response that can be used to guide the student to remediation materials.

Once the question has been entered along with the desired responses, click on the enter answers button located in the bottom right hand corner of the question dialog box.

For a true/false question simply enter True in Answer 1 and False in Answer 2. Click correct next to the desired answer and enter an optional message to if desired.

At the top of the Answers dialog box are 2 radio buttons controlling how UAS Online should interpret the student response for multiple choice questions.

The default selection of "all" tells UAS Online that the student must select all of the correct answers in order to receive credit for the problem. This answer can be used for Multiple Choice questions with one answer only, and Multiple answer questions where the student must choose all possible correct answers to receive credit.
The choice of "any correct answers" allows for the creation of a multiple choice question where the student can receive credit for any correct answer.

If you wish to enter more than five answers, click on the Enter more answers button and continue adding answers and responses.
Once the desired number of answers have been entered, click on the Save question button to save the question and the question bank dialog box will reopen. Repeat this procedure until the your quiz is completed.

Adding images to test questions in UASOnline

If you wish to use an image as part of a test question you may display it using HTML code or the WYSIWYG editor available in version 3.1. Using HTML you can display the image as part of the question, or you may open the image on a separate web page. It is also recommended that you place the image files in the web folder on your UASHome directory.

Question Bank Options

After entering questions, your question bank will appear similar to the one below.

Question Bank Options

In addition to the options previously available, you may now also make the following changes. Clicking on any question will open the initial question dialog box. Here you may edit the question and the optional responses.

In front of the question set is a column of text boxes labeled order. Entering a number here will allow you to change the order in which the questions appear.

Next the the order column is a column of text boxes labeled points. These boxes allow you to assign a point value for each question.

To the right of each question is a check box labeled remove. To remove the question from the Question Bank, click on this box.

Below the question list are 2 radio buttons which give you the option to either use all of the questions in the bank, or to randomly select a chosen number of questions.

After each change is made it must be saved by clicking on the Save Changes button. When all of the desired changes or additions have been made you can return to the Quiz Library by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of the Question Bank dialog box.

Quiz Library Link

Return to Quizzes Main Page



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