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Creating and Editing Surveys

This section is intended as a tutorial for the use of the survey creation tool. For an overview of how to use the tool to effectively evaluate student/instructor performance, click here.

The survey creation tool in UAS Online is accessed by first clicking on the Survey Library tab on the Assignments home page. Clicking on the tab reveals the library or list of surveys that have been created for the course as seen below.

Add New Survey

Creating New Surveys

To Create a new survey, Click on the Add New survey button to open the survey Settings dialog box shown below. Follow the instructions in this dialog box and then click on Make Changes. To edit an existing survey, click on the name of the survey in the library list.

Survey Settings

The Survey Settings dialog box allows the entry of the survey title and any optional instructions or comments about the survey. Additionally, you can add images to text boxes in UAS Online using HTML.(For a list of commands click here)

If you wish for the students names to be attached to the responses, you must select the signed option. The default option is set for the survey to be taken anonymously. This setting may not be changed once responses have been received. If you select the signed option, you must export the results to the excel file using the export link to view the students names with their responses.

The final option set controls who will have access to the survey. You can limit participation in the survey to users with UAS accounts, officially registered students on the class roster, or listed participants.(Listed participants are registered students plus students who have been added to the class list as additional participants) The unrestricted option allows anyone who accesses the course homesite to take the quiz.

Editing Existing Surveys

For existing surveys the following options are available by clicking on the links below the survey name as shown in the image below.

Editing Surveys

  1. Post- This link posts the survey to the assignment section of the course homesite.
  2. Report- Creates a list of anyone who has taken the survey, their answers to the questions, and their score for review by the course instructor.
  3. Export- exports the results of the survey as an Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Post Results- Posts summary survey results for student review by placing a link in the Assignments block on the homesite.
  5. Test- Allows the instructor to take the survey to be sure it is working properly.
  6. Clear Responses- Clears all student answers to the survey.
  7. Delete- Deletes the survey from the survey library.
To edit existing survey content, click on the survey name to bring up the survey settings dialog box.(See Creating New Surveys). Make any changes required to to the survey title, introductory text, or to change who has access to the survey. Once all desired changes have been made, click on the Save Changes button in the lower right hand corner of the dialog box. Questions may now be created or edited using the options in the Question Bank dialog box.


Creating/Editing Questions in the Question Bank

The Question Bank dialog box is used to enter new survey questions, edit existing survey questions, or to import questions from a different survey. The dialog box is opened by either clicking on the Question Bank link in the upper right hand corner of Survey Settings dialog box, or the Question Bank button in the lower right hand corner. Clicking either of these will open a dialog box similar to the one below. Edit Survey Question

Creating New Survey Questions

A discussion of the available question types (interval, nominal/ordinal, and text only) is found in the Question Bank dialog box. Click on the radio button located in front of the type of question desired and then click on the Add Question button.(See figure above).


For interval questions, the dialog box to the right is shown. The question is entered in the text box at the top of the box. Values corresponding to the Low Value and High Value can then be entered. Finally, the interval drop down is used to select the range for the question.
For the example shown, a question is posed dealing with how effective the text for the course was in explaining course material. The low value entered was Not Effective with a high value of Very Effective. The interval of 10 will create a question with choices from 1-10 to select from. If you wish to allow the students to further comment on the question topic, click on the check box in front of the Allow free format comments.

Creating New Questions

Nominal questions are created using a dialog box similar to the one at the right. The question being asked is placed in the text box at the top and then the responses available are added in the text boxes below. Again, if you wish to allow the student to comment, click on the check box labeled Allow free format comments.

In this example a question about the number of hours spent reading course materials is asked. The instructor can then break the hours down into intervals as shown. After entering the information, click on the Save Question button to return to the Question Bank.

The final question type is the text type. For this type a question the instructor simply poses a question to the students to which they respond by typing an answer in a text box. This type of question is created by selecting the text option, entering the question in the text box that appears in the Question dialog box, and then saving the question.

Nominal Questions

Editing/Removing Existing Questions

To edit one of the questions in the bank, click on it. A dialog box like the one used to originally create the question opens allowing you to make changes.

Once all of the desired changes are made, click on the Save Question button. It should be noted that while the question and answers may be changed, it is not possible to change the question type(interval, nominal/ordinal, or text only). To change the question type, the question must be deleted and then reentered as the desired new type.

To remove a question click on the check box for the question located in the Remove column. Click on the Save Changes button to permanently remove the question.

Importing Questions from Existing Surveys

To bring in questions from an existing survey, first select the survey to be copied from using the drop down menu next to the Copy button. After selecting the desired survey, click the copy button and a dialog box similar to the one below will open.


Copy Questions

Click on the check box in front of any desired questions to select them then click on the Copy button to add the questions to your new survey. The questions will now appear in the survey question bank.

After all desired questions are entered, click on the Survey Library link locate in the upper right hand corner of the Question Bank dialog box to return to the Assignments home page. The Survey Library tag should be selected, allowing you to post the Survey and utilize the options discussed at the beginning of the survey tool instructions.

Exporting Survey results to Excel Spreadsheets

Export Survey

To export survey results to an Excel Spreadsheet, click on the survey library tab and then click on the export link for the desired survey.

A popup menu appears asking if you want to open or save the sheet. It is recommended that you choose save. The Windows save dialog box will open and allow you to choose a name for the file and the location to save to. You will then have an excel version of survey. To view the form for a particular respondent, click on the view link located in the Response Form column.



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