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 Upload Blackboard Quizzes to the UAS Online Quiz Bank

Publishers are currently providing online quiz building tools that allow quizzes to be saved in the Blackboard Quiz format. Changes have been made to allow faculty to upload these quizzes  to the UAS Online quiz bank and be used like any other quiz, including linking to the Gradebook.

1.     The Blackboard quiz files will consist of two or more files. These files must be placed in a zipped file before they can be uploaded to UAS Online.
2.     Go to the Instructor Tools for your course and select the Resource tab. Go to number 2 and click on File. Browse for the file, but do not fill out the Title or any other information. When you select a zipped file, it will add a checked box next to the Browse button that says “Unpack File”. Leave that checked and click Upload  file.
3.     Next go back to the same Resource location #2 and click on Resource Browser. You will see something similar to the image below.
Uploaded Files
4.     Click on the link “IMS package”. On this screen uncheck the checkbox next to  “Check syntax only” and then click on the button “Process IMS Package”.
IMS Package
5.     If you click on the link that has been created you will see your test.
Learning Module Import
6.     The quiz will be located in your Quiz bank under the name that you saved it as in the Online Quiz builder.

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