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Assignment Tools

There are two sections in the Assignment Tools: Dated and Static assignments, and the Library.


Dated and Static Content

The "Static Assignment Content" area can be used to post assignment related information that will apply throughout the semester, e.g., "Assignments will be placed on the course home site on Monday and due each Sunday at 10 pm..." In many cases this static feature is not used at all. The majority of assignments will be posted with an expiration date by creating dated content.

Creating the Static and Dated content works the same as in the Announcements tool. For more information on this see the Announcements Tutorial.

Library: Creating Your Content

The Assignments Tool allows you to create Quizzes, Essays, Surveys, and Tasks in the Assignments Library. Please Note: creating content in your library does not automatically make it available to students.

Posting Your Content

It's easy to post assignments you have created and there are many options for displaying your content.


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