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Course Info Tools

Clicking on the course information tab opens the course info dialog box giving the instructor access to the following functions:

1. In the General Information section, the instructor can edit the course title and description. Simply click in the text boxes (see figure below) and make the desired changes. To post the changes to the homesite, click on the Save Changes Button in the lower left hand corner of the course info dialog box.

General Information

2. The Course Tool Access section gives the instructor the ability to give any other course instructors or assistants access to the Instructor Tools for the site. To add an additional instructor, click in the Offered By box and enter their UAS user name. Their information will now also appear in the offered by information located in the upper right hand corner of the homesite. To add an assistant, click in the Supported By box and enter their UAS user name. Their information will not appear on the homesite, but they will have the ability to make changes using the Instructor Tools link. To finalize the changes click on the Save Changes button.

Course Tool Access

3.In the Course Linking section, the instructor may link the sites for one or more courses. This is useful when offering more than one section of the same course. By choosing one course site as the main site, they can link the other course sections to that site. Any changes made using the instructor tools for the main site will be made to the linked sites. To link the course, click in the text box and enter the course number and section (of the course chosen to be the main course. You can choose whether or not to make the course visible to students browsing the system by clicking on the Hide this link checkbox located next the the Link To: textbox. If the checkbox is not selected, anyone browsing the system will see the course listed. Students enrolled in the class will still see it it in their course list located on their personal home page. Click on the Save Changes button and a dialog box will open at the top of the page telling you the course is linked.

Course Linking

4. Needs Link Updated: The course evaluation section allows the instructor to set the start and end dates for the online course evaluation. The instructor can also decided if the students will see the summary results. May need other updates: old image:

Course Evaluation


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