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Course Homesites

As a part of your studies at UAS you will be expected to use and demonstrate proficiency with a wide variety of technology. UAS Online has been created for students and faculty at UAS to enhance the learning process.

With UAS Online you can get in touch with your instructor, classmates, and find:

  • Announcements
  • Syllabi & Handouts
  • Assignments & Gradebook
  • Discussions
  • Library Resources

Discussion Board Instructional Video

Discussion Board is used for "threaded discussions" for some classes. Just following the link on your instructors homesite. Be aware that you will be asked to "self-enroll" the first time you join the discussion.

Forum Quickstart for Students

The forum tool allows for threaded discussions directly from the course site. Posts can be created with attachments & special fonts through the built-in editor. If an instructor has the forum activated, there will be a link in the Communication Tools section of their course homesite.


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