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Please note: if you are unable to use Presenter to record your Powerpoint there are other options: 

1. Record With Collaborate (Webmeeting Tool)

2. Narration in Powerpoint 2013

Adobe Presenter 9

Adobe Presenter is now compatible with Office 2010/2013 and Windows 64 bit operating systems. The installer link (see Install Instructions below) has been updated to version 9 which includes all previous updates. 

The program is not, however, currently compatible with the Macintosh operating system. 

(If you use a Mac view this alternative way to record using Elluminate.) For more information on Compatibility see the Adobe System Requirements page. 

For more information view the Adobe Presenter software system requirements. If your instructor requires you may be able to use Elluminate as a substitute. Check with your instructor for permission and then see the instructions for setting up a webmeeting.

Adobe Presenter is plug-in which allows you to add audio to your presentation and then publish it to a compressed file (zipped). Students can upload the zipped file to an ePortfolio for their course and then place the link in a Forum or Discussion board if required. Faculty can choose to upload a zipped folder to an ePortfolio or request publish rights on the server through the Helpdesk and save all their work on the server. The links to the presentations can then be placed anywhere.

Installation Instructions

Watch a Video on How to Install be Presenter

To download and install the program please sign in here:  You can use your regular UAS username and password.

  • After logging in, click on the "Open" link under the "Getting Started" section.
  • Click on the "Install Adobe Presenter" link in Step 1. NOTE: This is a 2.3Gb file and may take a while to download.
  • Also please note the installation process requires that you setup an Adobe ID. There is no cost associated with this process however they do collect your email address and other information.
Note: when you download the installer please copy the license code (located just below the link to the installer) so you can easily paste it during istallation. If you have problems installing please call the Helpdesk at (907) 796-6400. Adobe Presenter is installed as a plug-in to PowerPoint and is used through the PowerPoint menu. To start using Presenter open powerpoint and look for the Presenter tab. 

Create Presentation

A Getting Started Presentation is installed when you install the plug-in. Follow the instructions to create your presentation. You will need a headset with a boom mike to add audio. The instructions are for Office 2007, so the screenshots will differ if you are using Office 2003. The steps are still the same.

If you are working from a University Computer, you can access the "Getting Started" at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 9\Getting_Started_with_Adobe_Presenter.ppt

Overview of steps

  1. Open or create your PowerPoint Presentation. Create all the slides you will need, the audio recording should be done after the slides are finished.
  2. Now its time to record audio. This will require headphones and a microphone, which you will have to provide. Choose Record from the Adobe Presenter menu. This will bring up a microphone test. Click OK when it lights up green. Click the Record button to record voiceover for individual slides. Click the Stop Recording button to end voiceover. Click the Play button to hear what you have recorded. Click the Next button to go to the next slide.
  3. If the “Record/Play only this slide” checkbox is selected, then only one slide can be recorded at a time. This is great for recording a small section, or replacing a previous sound clip. On the other hand, the entire presentation can be recorded in a series of steps much faster if this checkbox is unselected. The “View Script” checkbox allows you to write a script for each slide.

    Record Audio
  4. You can also record video clips, or insert Flash files into the presentation. See the Help system in Presenter to use these advanced topics.

Publish Presentation

Faculty may choose to store their materials on the Adobe Connect server. Instructions for Faculty using the server are located here. Faculty can follow the Student Publish instructions if they wish to upload a presentation to a class Portfolio.  

Students Publish to their computer and save in a zipped format. (The publishing process takes the PowerPoint slide files - .ppt and the PowerPoint audio - .ppc files and converts them into images and Flash. Since this can be a lot of files they must be compressed into one file to be uploaded to UAS Online. The compression format is called zip.) After uploading, the link can be inserted in Discussions or Forums.

After you have your slides with audio created , click Publish on the Adobe Presenter toolbar.


Select the My Computer tab on the left.  Select the location that you wish to save the presentation to.  You can use UAS Home as a save location from campus computers. You must click the zip packages box below Output Options.   This creates a single file, instead of several.  When this is done, click the Publish button.


Your zipped presentation is now saved in the location you specified.  Now, log in to UAS Online (  Navigate to the course site that you would like to post this presentation in.  Click the Portfolio link near the upper right corner of the top menu bar. If you haven't gone to this Portfolio before you will be asked "Create new Portfolio page?". Click the button and this will bring you to your portfolio for the class.  Near the bottom of the page is the Add Portfolio Item button. Clicking this button will bring up the Portfolio Item page. 

You will need to give it a Title and describe the content you will be adding in the Abstract.  The next step is to add your content by clicking on the "Add attachment" link near the bottom of the Item Content textbox.



Clicking the "Add attachment" link will open a new window.  Choose the last option "Compressed folders of files". This should automatically bring you to the next page, if it doesn’t click the Next button.


From this page, choose hyperlink from the first option, and click the Next button.


At this page, you will be asked to select your file.  Browse to the zip file you just created, not the original PowerPoint.  If necessary, you can change the title of the presentation.  From here, just click the Upload button. 


A line of text, something like {attachment~9999}, will be added into the Item Content of your portfolio post.  Click the post button and view your post to make sure that the presentation works.  From this point, anyone that has access to your portfolio can see your presentation.  Also, you can link directly to the presentation through its URL, available at the top of the browser window while viewing the presentation. 

Video for Students


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