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Pen Driven Technologies

Pen driven tools are available for less then $100 to $1000's. They provide the ability to create drawings using a pen type instrument. This can be very useful for classes such as accounting, math and construction technologies. Some of these technologies work with Elluminate and can enhance a distance class.

Promethean Whiteboards

The Promethean boards were purchased for Education students to learn how to incorporate it's sophisticated interactive learning tools to engaging K - 8 students. They boards can also easily be used as just a basic projector or with the USB pen can we used with Elluminate as a whiteboard.


Softchalk allows faculty to easily create individual lessons to guide the student through the learning process. These lessons can incorporate videos, images and interactive flash quizzes. After the lessons have been created they can be zipped and uploaded to UAS Online

Adobe Presenter 9

Adobe Presenter provides tools to add audio over a PowerPoint presentation and then uploaded it to UAS Online. It uses Flash to create an easily viewed presentation. Students can also use Presenter to upload presentation with audio to their portfolio and then place the link into a Forum if desired.


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