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Many instructors ask for presentations to be created for delivering content. One tool that is frequently used is PowerPoint.

Power Point Screen

All campus computers have PowerPoint installed.


The Computer Lab staff are familiar with many of the Microsoft tools. To schedule a training session, contact the lab at 796-6521, or stop by Whitehead 208 on the Juneau Auke Lake campus. Distance students may be able to be accommodated through distance delivery tools.

To get you started we recommend the Creating Your First Presentation lesson which emphasizes the most common tools and features of PowerPoint and has tips for a successful presentation delivery.

For a wide variety of PowerPoint tutorials check out Microsoft's PowerPoint 2007 Courses page.  

PowerPoint Viewer

If you have a presentation you would like to view, but don't have PowerPoint installed on your computer, there is a free PowerPoint Viewer available from the Microsoft website. 

Unfortunately, the University does not have licensing to allow students to install the Microsoft Office software suite. Faculty & Staff can contact the Helpdesk to discuss their software needs. PowerPoint and other programs from the Microsoft Office Suite are available for purchase by students and instructors at discounted academic rates. Go to The Ultimate Steal for more information.  

PowerPoint with Elluminate

If you are sharing PowerPoint in a webmeeting be sure to change the slideshow settings to Browsed by an individual (window) to prevent display problems. For instructions on recording with Elluminate see these instructions.

Powerpoint Settings



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