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A Promeathean Whiteboard is installed in one classroom: Hendrickson 110.  IT Services provides technical support for use of these boards as projection displays and use of the interactive pen tool. To use the more specialized Promethean software contact the School of Education at 796-6424.

Promethean Board


You will see three cables coming from the Whiteboard. The blue VGA cable connects your laptop display to the Whiteboard's projector. The USB connection allows you to use the Pen Tool. The smaller audio cable connects to the headphone jack on your laptop to provides sound from the Whiteboard's speakers. 


Display a Laptop

To use the projector requires no special drivers or software. Connect the VGA cable to your laptop. 

VGA Connection

Using the Pen Tool

The interactive pen tool functions as a mouse and requires the ActivDriver to be installed on your computer. 

Mouse Pen

University issued computers require a work order to install the driver. Personal computer users can download and install the driver:


Windows 7, XP & Vista 32 bit

Windows 7, XP & Vista 64 bit

Advanced Features

To take advantage of the more advanced Promethean board's features you will need the accompanying software. The IT Department only supports the interactive pen functionality. For more information about the ActivStudio suite contact the School of Education at 796-6424.


ActivBoard Pro 300 Installation PDF

ActivBoard 300 Wiring Diagram


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