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Support for Adobe Presenter is now handled by the Instructional Design Center, and can be found here.

For Faculty: Publishing to the Adobe Connect Server

From the Adobe Presenter menu, select Preferences. The image is from Office 2007, but are not widely varied in any version of Office.


From the Servers tab, select the Add option.  The name is your choice. UAS Adobe Connect Server is used as an example, and the URL is


There are only a few, short steps to publish to the server.  Here is a short video with Office 2003 showing the process after you click on Publish in the Adobe Presenter menu in PowerPoint. 

Click on the Publish button on the Adobe Presenter toolbar.


Select the Adobe Connect Pro tab on the left.  Make sure that the Server selection is correct.  If everything looks right, click the Publish button at the bottom.  This will connect you into the UAS Adobe Connect server, which will ask you to log in using your UAS username and password. 

Server Tab

The next page asks where on the server you would like to save your presentation.  You just need to click the Publish to This Folder button. 


The next page asks for information about your presentation.  Give it a title and a short summary, and click the Next button. 


This next step is very important. The next page shows the button to Customize your presentation.  This is a required step.  Click the button, and on the following page you will be asked if you want to Allow public viewing.  You must click yes, or no one else will be able to see your presentation.  From here, click Next and your presentation will be available on the Adobe Presenter server for people to see. 

Customize  Public Viewing

In order to see the presentation users must be given the URL that shows up on the next page.  This link can always be seen by returning to the server at The link can be placed on any web page or included in an e-mail.



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