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To record with Collaborate you must first enable the webmeeting feature in your ePortfolio. To do this click the Edit Settings button and check the Display a Webmeeting box.

eportfolio edit settings
eportfolio webmeeting setup

Be sure to save your setting changes. A link will now appear on your portfolio page. Click the Moderate Now link to start a webmeeting.

webmeeting moderate now

At a later time if you wish to use Elluminate for live meeting you will have to set the Security for the page for Reviewers to have access. See details here.

At the beginning of your session you will see a recording reminder. The Start button will begin recording right away but most likely you will want to setup your presentation before you record. Just hit Close if you don't want to record yet.

webmeeting recording reminder

Switch to your PowerPoint presentation and change the slideshow settings to Browsed by an individual (window).


slideshow-setup powerpoint windows

slideshow-setup powerpoint mac

With your Power Point presentation open and configured, select application sharing from the Elluminate tools menu and choose PowerPoint.

webmeeting powerpoint application sharingwebmeeting-sharewindow

Your PowerPoint presentation will now appear in your Elluminate window. Use the Slideshow button to begin your slideshow (lower right-hand corner). 

webmeeting start slideshow

In the top of the window, select Tools, Recorder and Record to start recording your powerpoint.

webmeeting start recording

You can now record your voice and navigate through slides with the arrow keys.  Be sure to stop your recording when you are done. If you are still in the Powerpoint's presentation mode, there is currently no way to tell if you are recording or not. However, if you do start recording, you can stop recording pressing Control, Shift and R all at the same time ( CTRL+SHIFT+R ).

webmeeting stop recording

Your recorded presentation can be found under the Archives and Documentation link in your portfolio. It may take several minutes for this to appear. 

eportfolio archive

You can change the name of a recording with the rename link.

webmeeting archives

Shared applications, like your PowerPoint presentation, playback in their own window.

play recorded webmeeing powerpoint

You can copy the link address to send or post a link to your recording (right click):

copy webmeeting link address


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