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Webmeeting Mobile App

The new version of Blackboard Collaborate contains mobile functionality. The Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App is available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices through their respective stores. Blackboard has not created a mobile app for Windows phones at this time. The functionality on these devices are limited. It is for Student user only; Moderators do not have access to the tools they need. The mobile app is limited to:

Viewing the Whiteboard.
Viewing an Application on another user's desktop.
Access to breakout rooms.
Sending and receiving chat messages with the entire room.
Listening to other speakers and speaking to the room.
Responding to polls.

There is no video capacity contained within the Mobile app. Also note that the display of the whiteboard will be limited by the device. Powerpoints may be very difficult to read if they can be read at all.

To access the webmeeting: We do not provide a URL to access courses, as the app will request. Instead, use a browser (ex: Chrome, Safari, etc) and access your Blackboard Course site. Click Join Room, and your device will automatically use the app.


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