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Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G

Dialing an Outside Line

All phone users (Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau) dial 8 for an outside line.

This change was implemented to avoid misdialing 911.

Voicemail - Welcome to Cisco Unity

Voicemail within the new Cisco phone system will be accessible through your exchange email box. Each new message that is left at your phone number will create a new “email” message in your inbox that has an audio file of the voicemail in WAV format.  This is currently incompatible with Google mail, and IT is investigating a solution.  

You can also check your voicemail by dialing 5555 from a campus phone and following the prompts. For more information or print and reference the Cisco function PDF quick sheet.  

From off-campus, dial 796-5555.  Press *, your number followed by #, then your PIN followed by #, to log in.  EX 796-5555, *, 6400#, 111111#.


Telephone Function


  • Lift handset
  • Dial 4-digit extension number or dial 8 for an outside line.
  • Converse
Note:  You may also press Speaker, your extension button, New Call soft key, Headset button, Speed dial keys, Dial soft keys if using one of the directories, or the Redial soft key.


  • 8 + 1 + Area Code + Phone Number + Access Code + #


  • 8 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone number + # + Access Code + #


  • Lift handset
  • If using a headset, press Headset button.
  • To use speaker, press Answer soft key or Speaker button.


  • Hang up handset
  • Press Headset button if using a headset.
  • Press End Call soft key
  • If using Speaker, press Speaker button or End Call soft key.


  • Press Mute button, button will turn red.
  • To disengage Mute, press Mute button and the red light will go off.
Note: Mute temporarily disables your microphone.  Mute prevents the party from hearing you, but does not interfere with your ability to hear them.


  • Press Hold soft key
  • Press Resume soft key to return to call on hold.


  • When ready to transfer a call, press Transfer soft key.
  • Dial 5-digit extension number to transfer to.
  • When line rings and party answers, announce and then press Transfer soft key again to complete the transfer.


  • Press CfwdAll soft key
  • Enter the extension for where your calls will forward to.
  • To CANCEL a forward: press CfwdAll soft key.
Note: If forwarding to voicemail, press CfwdAll soft key, then your Messages button.  


  • Press Redial soft key


  • During a call, press More soft key, then press Confrn soft key.
  • You will get dial tone, so you can dial 2nd party.
  • Press Confrn again to add new party.
  • Repeat to add more


  • Call rings on your phone
  • Press iDivert soft key during ringing.
  • Call then forwards directly to your voice mailbox.

Unity Voicemail


**Your default password is:      135790#   

Accessing Voicemail with your computer:

Logging into voice mail from your phone:

  • Press Message button
  • Enter your password followed by #.
  • Follow prompts to setup your mailbox.

Accessing voice mail from outside the system:

  • Dial 796-5555
  • Once the system answers, press *
  • The system will then ask you for your ID number.  Your ID number is your 4-digit extension followed by #.
  • Then you will enter your password, followed by #.


  • 0  Help
  • *  Cancel/back up
  • #  Skip/Move Ahead
  • 1  Play New Messages
  • 2  Send Messages to other extensions on this voicemail system.
  • 3  Check Saved Messages
  • 4  Change Set Up Options


  • 1 = Repeat
  • 2 = Save
  • 3 = Delete
  • 4 = Slower
  • 5 = Change Volume
  • 6 = Faster
  • 7 = Rewind 3 sec
  • 8 = Pause/Resume
  • 9 = Fast Forward
  • # = Fast Forward to end of message
  • ## = Save as New


  • 1 = Repeat
  • 2 = Save
  • 3 = Delete
  • 4 = Reply
  • 5 = Forward
  • 6 = Mark as New
  • 7 = Skip Back
  • 9 = Play message properties

Managing Phones & Voicemail

Manage your voicemail, the phone, or the phone line itself using these tools.


Voicemail Inbox

Access your voicemail in browser
(Use with Firefox)

Unity Assistant

Manage Voicemail Settings
(Use with Firefox)
Self Care PortalManage Phone Set
Telephone ManagerMove, Add, and Change Campus Line

1. How can I listen to my voicemail?

From your on-campus phone, press the Messages button, or dial 5555. Follow the prompt, and enter your PIN, followed by the # key.

From off-campus, or a personal phone, dial 796-5555. Press *, enter your 4-digit phone extension, followed by #. Then, enter your PIN, followed by #.

You can also access your voicemail online at Just log in using your UA credentials. We recommend using Firefox, as it supports all functions.

2. How can I update my voicemail passcode if I've forgotten it?

The Unity Voicemail system can be access via the web utilizing your campus credentials**, so resetting the PIN is straightforward. 

  1. Visit the Unity Assistant (in Internet Explorer)
  2. Sign in with your credentials
  3. Click on the Password menu
  4. Select Change PIN
  5. Enter a new PIN
  6. Save your changes
  7. You're done! Sign into voicemail with your new passcode. 

**For those who utilize a shared account (I.E. general shared accounts like Helpdesk, Financial Aid, or others) please contact the Helpdesk for assistance. 

3. Can I get email notifications about my voicemail?

You can set the Cisco Voicemail system to send an email message to the account of your choice:

  1. Access Unity Assistant (
  2. Notification Devices > View Notification Devices
  3. Click HTML
  4. Set the To: (E-mail address)
  5. Check Notification Enabled
  6. Set the Select HTML Template field to "UAS_Notification_Template"
  7. Set the Outdial Number; field to your 7-digit phone number (7966XXX)
  8. Scroll to the bottom and click Save

Now, whenever you receive a voicemail, you'll receive an email from the system directing you to the web inbox. You can also access the inbox directly at

4. How can I set an Alternate (Temporary) Message on my voicemail?

Alternate Greetings on Unity Voicemail

Sign into Voicemail and follow these steps:

  1. Press 4 for Setup Options
  2. Press 1 for Greetings
  3. Unity will share your currently set greeting
    • Press 1 to re-record a new standard greeting, OR
    • Press 2 to enable Alternate Greeting
      1. This ENABLES your alternate greeting and give you option to configure it
      2. You will be prompted to set an end date
        • Press 0 for Later Today
        • Press 1 for Tomorrow
        • Press 2 for two days for now
        • ... and so on ... 
        • Press 9 to set Month and Day
      3. Press 2 for no end date
    • It will then play your current alternate greeting
      1. Press 1 to re-record your alternate greeting
      2. Press 2 to turn off your alternate greeting

5. How can I transfer a caller directly to voicemail?

To transfer to a voicemail account, press the transfer button, dial asterisk+extension ('*6400' for the helpdesk), and immediately press transfer again (if you wait, you will begin to hear the voicemail for the dialed extension).

6. How can I increase the volume for playback on my computer?

Some PC users have noted that even though the volume is turned up all the way that they still cannot hear the message well. To reach the maximum volume, double click on the 'Sound' icon near your clock (it looks like a small speaker). At the next screen you should see the system Volume Control (image below). Simply increase each slider to the maximum and try again. Likely, it will be the Wave slider that will make the biggest impact. If this does not increase the volume loud enough for you, remember you can still check your voicemail via your phone.

wave volume control

8. How can I increase/decrease the volume of my phone ring when I am already on the line?

Currently, the system default is to provide a quiet beep over the conversation through the handset. If you would like the second line to ring audibly on your phone set, it can be configured to do other things like ring once, ring, or flash. Use the Call Manager tool to configure your phone behaviors. Contact the Helpdesk if you need any clarification or assistance. 

9. How can I do a call-pickup of ringing phone?

Provided phones are within the same call pickup group, when you hear a phone in your area ringing, simply pick up your handset, press the ‘More’ button, and then choose ‘PickUp’. Phones can be assigned pickup groups through your office Telephone Manager. (And, if needed, new call pickup groups can be created by contacting the Helpdesk.)

In the case that is too cumbersome, if you have a free line (button along the side of the phone display), it can be programmed to “speed dial” the PickUp functionality, contact the Helpdesk.

10. When forwarding to an external line caller ID doesn't show correctly?

With the way the phone system works, when the call is “redirected” it is, in actuality, your line calling out. So, it happens to be that the caller ID is correct, albeit misleading.

Note: The new Cisco phones on campus can be fowarded to an external (non-campus) line, however, the behavior is essentially the campus line placing a call on the callers behalf so while you can tell that the call is coming from your campus phone, you will not be able to tell who is going to be on the other end of the line. 

11. We have a vacant position/phone, how can we be sure that we are receiving calls to that line?

First and foremost: call the line! Depending on what happens with your call, you can then know how it’s currently acting, and subsequently make requests to assure that it performs as desired. These changes can be made by your telephone manager. It’s likely that you’ll want to change which voicemail account is affiliated with the line. Additionally, you can choose to forward the phone using the ‘CFwdALL’ soft button on the phone.

12. Who is my "Telephone Manager"?

In most cases your department Cost Center Clerk is the point-person for adjusting phone settings through the Telephone Manager. If you cannot determine the right person in your department to talk to, please contact the Helpdesk to find out which staff are affiliated with a particular phone line.

13. Is there a way to retrieve or un-delete a message previously removed?

Deleted voicemail and email messages are moved to a folder called “Deleted Items” when removed using the phone, Outlook Exchange or webmail. When that folder is emptied, messages are no longer affecting the server quota. There is a mechanism in place whereby messages that have been deleted and purged are briefly available through the options area of the webmail when accessed with Internet Explorer through OWA "Premium".  

14. When listening to voicemail, it speaks very FAST / SLOW. What gives?

The Unity voicemail system has the ability to change the speed of playback. 

While listening to a message, use the following commands to change the speed of playback: 

- to slow down playback

6 - to speed up playback


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