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The administrative system store institutional and personal records for employees and students. These systems include:


Banner includes the day-to-day processing of forms and other record-keeping processes. This is the most common way for staff to update institutional records.

OIT Banner Support

Decision Support Databases (DSD)

DSD is the archived data from the Banner system. Tables from Banner are copied to a database referred to as the "Reports Instance." This data can be accessed through a number of different methods/tools:

  • Qmenu/Qadhoc - standardized reports through a web interface
  • Databrowser - program to write or use existing queries against the data; accessed through remote application sharing system called Citrix
  • OnBase - document scanning and archiving process


DocuSign is University of Alaska's cloud-based electronic signature solution. It allows users to send, securely complete, and sign a document with an automated workflow.


  • Easily upload and send documents for electronic signature.
  • Quickly access and sign documents that require signature.
  • Readily check a document's status, send reminders, view audit trails, and securely store online.
  • Create templates using existing forms to help streamline the sending process.
  • Oversee document workflow by identifying and managing recipients and routing.
  • Make forms available online allowing for self-service and ease of accessibility.

OIT DocuSign Support

The UAS Technology Helpdesk can offer basic assistance with these systems. They are primarily managed and operated through various UA-wide teams and UA's Office of Information Technology (OIT). Please visit their website for more tips.


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