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Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alaska administers the University of Alaska health insurance program. You can reach customer service at 1-800-364-2982.

Benefits Summaries by Employee Classification:

Easy access to benefit information and forms:

Major Life Event

Outside of the annual open enrollment period (usually April with an effective date of July 1) an employee may change an enrollment election (i.e., add or delete dependents, change level of coverage) only if they have experienced a "Major Life Event". The following are considered major life events:

  • Marriage or divorce of the employee (see note below)
  • Death of the employee's spouse or dependent
  • Birth or adoption of a child by the employee
  • Termination of employment (or commencement of employment) of the employee's spouse
  • Switching from part-time to full-time employment status by the employee or employee's spouse
  • Taking an unpaid leave of absence by the employee or the employee's spouse
  • A significant change in health coverage of the employee or the employee's spouse attributable to the spouse's employment

Note: Changes due to marriage/divorce may be accompanied by a copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree. Changes due to a change in a spouse's employment may require proof.

Forms to Make Changes Due to a Major Life Event

If you have experienced a Major Life Event, you may wish to add or delete dependents, or change your optional benefit elections. The following "list of forms" may assist you making your decision(s).

Please be advised that while you may change the beneficiary of your life insurance at any time, other changes which alter your level of benefit coverage (e.g., health insurance, life insurance, etc.) must be received by Human Resources within 30 days of the major life event.  (An exception to this rule is the birth or adoption of a new child: the child may be added to the health plan up to 60 days after the date of birth.)

Personnel Forms


Please contact your pension or ORP vendor to change beneficiary or address information.

PERS or TRS, Division of Retirement

Beneficiary Designation Form (to add/delete/change beneficiaries)

  • Return the form to Human Resources.
  • The employee's spouse is the required beneficiary for PERS or TRS unless the spouse signs the waiver on the back of the beneficiary form.
  • Marital status with the Division of Retirement is automatically updated through Human Resources when employee submits the Request for Change Form.

Health Insurance

Supplemental Benefits:

  • Beneficiary Designation Form (change life insurance beneficiary information)
  • Supplemental Benefit Election Form for FY15:
    • Supplemental Life: Increase or decrease level of supplemental life insurance if applicable
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Start, stop, or change AD&D from "family" to "self" coverage
    • Flexible Spending Account: Start, stop or change dependent care or health flexible spending account

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