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1. How do I set up the Adobe Connect Server

You'll need to set up the Adobe Connect Server to publish to the server.

For UAS: 

  1. Click Edit Servers
  2. Click Add
  3. For Name enter anything you like (Example UAS Server)
  4. For URL enter

You must not only be able to login to the server but must have "publish permissions" - UAS faculty and staff can contact the UAS helpdesk or 877-465-6400 or 907-796-6400 to request publishing permissions for the Adobe Connect Server.

2. How do I put my Adobe Presenter presentation in my class (or on my website etc.)

You can publish your Adobe Presenter presentation to the UAS Adobe Connect server then put a link to the presentation in your class.

The URL (link) can also be distributed by email or used to post the presentation on other websites

3. Help! My Adobe Presenter menu has disappeared! What should I do?

If there is a glitch in Adobe Presenter (within Powerpoint) then the Add-In may be disabled.  Below are instructions for re-enabling it.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Re-enabling the PowerPoint Adobe Presenter Add-In (pdf)


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