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Softchalk: What is it?

Softchalk is a program that lets you build lessons in the form of HTML pages that include navigation and interactive learning activities (popup text, quizzes, interactive images, timelines, and many more). Lessons can be packaged and uploaded to Blackboard.  Softchalk runs on both Mac's and Windows.

Where do you get it?

UAS has an annual site license for Softchalk. Download and licensing information is found on the site below. 

Getting Started

Softchalk Tutorial (written in Softchalk!)

Softchalk maintains a UAS website - here you'll find recorded webinars and other support material

Publishing to Blackboard

By the end of summer 2013 you should be able to connect Softchalk directly to Blackboard and have learning activities connect to the Grade Center.  Until then you can package the lesson as a zip file and load to Blackboard.


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